Meditation Talk 10 Jan 2016– Morning

After The Creation Of The Lower Three Worlds, The Souls Forgot About Their True Home And God Almighty

NIRANJAN CREATED THE THREE PLANES and, without the store of atmas, souls, he wanted to do more. He wanted souls to adorn those three planes. And, therefore, all the souls were with God Almighty. So, he stood on one foot and did the penance to request for the store of souls from God Almighty.

So, then God Almighty got pleased and He gave a small store of souls, which were there in Maha Sunn. He handed this store of souls to Niranjan and He also created a power. And this power was Jyoti, or Maya.

And, thereafter, both Niranjan and Jyoti descended in the three planes. And Niranjan explained to Jyoti how she should use these souls and do this entire creation. So, after explaining to Jyoti how to do it, Niranjan went himself and sat in Sweth Sunn. Thereafter, Maya descended to Jhanjari Dweep.

And there, first, she created five elements. And then, from the five elements, she created this entire creation, and she formed these 8.4 million life forms. She prepared all these 8.4 million life forms and put the souls in each of these life forms. And Niranjan sat as the mind within these life forms. So then, the souls started incurring deeds and, after a time, they forgot about their True Home and God Almighty.

God Almighty is taking care of this Creation. Wherever birds get up, He ensures that they also get food. So, God Almighty is taking care of the entire Creation. There are several insects and other rodents and other animals, which stay below the ground, or in caves, and they only come out in the night. God Almighty also takes care of them and gives them food before they go back to their respective places. So, it is not only the human beings, but He gives food and He takes care of all of the Creation, according to their Pralabdh karmas.

So, the soul has been taking part in this cycle of life and death, and it keeps coming back for redeeming its karmas. And, that way, it is completely lost in this cycle of life and death.

God Almighty sends, from time to time, Saints to take care of these souls, because He feels the suffering of these souls. So, Saints come into this world and They try to explain this through Satsangs. And those souls who get attracted there, and who listen to those Satsangs, the Saints take those souls back to God Almighty.

So, when we follow the Teachings of the Masters, our karmas also get redeemed following those Teachings and God Almighty also graces us. And, the Masters also grace us.

So, it is morning time. We have got up, our mind is fresh, and a fresh mind is good for meditation. Let us close our eyes and sit for meditation.