Meditation Talk 10 August 2017– Afternoon

Wherever We Sit And Do Our Meditation, Our Master Immediately Comes To Know And He Showers His Grace On Us

ALL SAINTS HAVE TALKED about the importance of BhajanSimran because the important thing is the action. We have to do the action if we want to be successful on the Path. We, otherwise, get a lot of Grace from the Masters. We ask for various help and we do get the Grace of the Masters. But if we ask for the Grace of Masters, forgetting our BhajanSimran to be done, that Grace comes only when we do BhajanSimran.

I often tell this story. This is about four people who had come, who were disciples of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. They had come to meet Him and in the society, they were very important people. So, when they came to visit Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, He also asked Bibi Lajo to make some tea for them. And they had tea also and when they were going, they all stood and prayed to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj and requested Him to help them and shower His Grace because they were unable to do their meditation.

So, when they said this to Baba Ji, He started laughing. And he kept laughing for about two, three minutes. And those people were standing there in the doorway and He kept laughing.

So, Bibi Lajo then spoke to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj and told Him, "They've asked You a question so, You have been laughing?"

Baba Ji was laughing, so she asked Him to answer them.
And He said, "Look, Bibi Laj0, they've asked for Grace for devotion. Now, every day the Saint goes with a basket full of Grace to shower on the devotees who do devotion. So, we go every day at three o'clock. I take this basket of Grace with me and I go from house to house to all my devotees. And then, someone is sleeping. Someone is doing some other thing. All of them are doing different things, or mostly, everyone is in deep sleep. And there only a very, very select few who are sitting and praying and doing their devotion. Then, whatever I can give them, shower Grace on such people, I shower the Grace and then I have to carry that full basket of Grace back with me and come home. And yet, these people ask me for Grace for devotion?"

So, what he was trying to say is that you will get the Grace of the Masters if you do your devotion. You should do your devotion to be able to assimilate and get that Grace. We should not think that our Master is very far away. Sant Ji used to often say, "Your Master is within you. He is very close to you at all times.”

All over, relatives, when we go outside or we leave them, we have that distance or that gap between us. But, between the Master and the disciple, there is never a gap. Even for a second, the Master is not away from that disciple.

So, wherever we are, whether we are in a forest or we are in some corner of our house, or wherever we sit and do our meditation, our Master immediately comes to know and He showers His Grace on us. We get the Grace of the Masters even without asking for the Grace because this is the only way to get the Grace of the Masters, by doing our Simran and Bhajan.

Like we go about our routine, to our offices, or for business, or to the farms, we go from time to time and we never break that. We go and stick to our timetable and schedule for doing all those things. Like that, for meditation also we should keep a part of that schedule and we should follow it every day.

Whereas, for anything outside that we have to do or perform, we don't bother whether it is a day or night, day and night we work on that. But when it comes to doing meditation or DhyanBhajan, then we somehow seem to not have any time for it.

If there is one objective that we have in our human life, then that objective is to do our BhajanSimran, because it is only with BhajanSimran that we can get salvation in this life, which is so precious and has been given to us.

Somanath Baba Ji also used to say quite often, "You should get up and do your meditation. Whether your mind sits, whether you feel like sitting or don’t feel like sitting, or your mind is focused a lot, you should, every day, make it a point to sit for meditation." He used to say, "Do it regularly as a duty. You should fix your time and sit for meditation, whether you're focused or not."

It is like what we do for our job. We go do our job at that fixed time. And there, whether you work or you don't work, you have done your attendance. So, you'll still get your payment.

So, when we sit like that on a regular basis, daily without any break, the Master definitely graces us and He extends and showers His Mercy and Grace on us.

We sit here and we come for this program and do our meditation here, but when we go back, we take a break from that meditation and we somehow do not find the time to do it, we must make it a point to take out time for our meditation as a priority in our schedule for every day. And we should always prioritize this and take out time without fail, without a break.

So, when we do it regularly like that, we will also get more motivated to do meditation. Because once we sit regularly, then the experiences that you get motivates the mind to do more and more meditation. So, that way, if you do it regularly, you will automatically get more and more motivation.

So, the atmosphere is good and quiet and we should make the most of it. Close your eyes and sit for meditation now.