Meditation Talk - 10 August 2017- Morning

The Two Types Of Naam


SWAMI JI MAHARAJ HAS WRITTEN in His Bani, "There are two types of Naam. One is Varnatmak and the other is Dhunatmak. Varnatmak Naam is that which can be seen, written, or read and spoken. The other Naam is Dhunatmak Naam, which is praised in all the Banis of the Masters.

This Dhunatmak Naam is the Sound Current that is emanating from God Almighty and coming via all the planes down and then it is resonating in all the chakras in the body.

In the VarnatmakNaam, that is the one that can be described or spoken or written, all the Scriptures, all the mantras, all the Vedas, and all the holy books, everything comes within the Varnatmak Naam. But everything that we can see or speak or hear or write, all this is going to be subject to destruction. However, the DhunatmakNaam has been created by God Almighty and that is resonating within all the life forms.

Nanak Sahib says, "It is this Sound Current, which has emanated from God Almighty and has come down the planes.” It is that very Sound Current, which has created all these planes. And all the And, Pind, Brahmand, everything is created by this Sound Current. And that same Sound Current is now resonating at the Eye Center. It is resonating; It has come from all the planes and is resonating at the Eye Center. And, from there, It is illuminating the body and It is giving energy to the body.

The names that are given during the initiation, these are the names of the holy Lords of the higher planes. These names are also within the VarnatmakNaam and they are also subject to destruction. During initiation, the Masters connect us with the Sound Current within. And when our intellect ceases, and our talking and seeing and all the other faculties of the mind cease, then we are able to manifest that Sound Current and get connected within. That very Sound Current manifests in the Radiant Form of the Master and It shows the Path, and It takes the soul back, plane-by-plane, to God Almighty.

When we go back to SachKhand, God Almighty does not have any other form. He appears in the form of Light and Sound, and the Masters Who have taken us there, He appears in the form of that Master in Light and Sound.

In the Dwapar Yuga, Kabir Sahib took Indra Mati and Indra Mati went within, and Kabir Sahib took her to Sach Khand. When They reached SachKhand, He bowed before God Almighty and told Him to accept the soul of IndraMati. There, the God Almighty, Sat Purush, He appeared from the Lotus and He came in the form of Kabir Sahib only.

So, the Masters are also Sound Current and the Sound Current is connected plane-by-plane to go within back to God Almighty. All the other mantras, tantras, and everything else that we do, all those give us mystic powers also and, to an extent, they give us the pleasure of being in Kailash, Vaikuntha, or heaven, but none of them are able to give us salvation. It is only the Sound Current, which gives us the salvation.

When all these munis who have done their meditation, or they have done their austerities and they have gained a lot of positive karmas, they are given the benefit of that by being given a place in heaven or Kailash or Vaikuntha. Now when that power of austerity or those karmas come to an end, then they’re sent back again to this earth where they again get under the influence of the mind and do karmas and go back into the chaurasi.

We are currently in this human physical body, and because we are in this physical body, to address the mind, we have to take the help of a physical nature. That is why the Simran given to us is in this form. It is in the Varnatmak Naam. And it is with this Simran and the contemplation of the Form of the Master that we are able to go to the Tenth Door. And when we get out of this physical body then, within, we are connected to the Sound Current. After that, this Simran and this Varnatmak Naam that has been given to us does not help further. It is only the Sound Current then that takes the soul within.

We are indeed fortunate to have the company of the Masters and Their Teachings, and They have given us initiation. Now, it is necessary for us, therefore, to do as much Simran and meditation as possible and stay connected so that we can go within and get connected to the Sound Current as soon as possible.

So, the atmosphere is very calm and quiet and we should also make the most of it. So, close our eyes and sit for meditation.