Meditation Talk - 10 August 2016 - Morning

Kabir Sahib, Dharam Das, And The Succession Of Forty-Two Master Saints

SAINTS COME TO THIS WORLD from time to time, sent by God Almighty, to take back the wandering souls. Like that, only about six hundred fifty years back, Kabir Sahib manifested in Kashi. And, during that period, there was a lot of deity worship and rituals that people were doing.

Around the same time, about thirty-five years later, Guru Nanak Sahib also manifested and both of Them were explaining the Teachings of the Surat Shabd Yoga around the same time.

Kabir Sahib came for Dharam Das Ji. He came for his salvation. And Kabir Sahib had to take four lives, He had to come four times, to accomplish the salvation of Dharam Das Ji. So, this kept happening for four lives. Kabir Sahib kept trying to explain to Dharam Das Ji in his previous lives, and three lives went past. And, in the fourth life, they manifested as Kabir Sahib and Dharam Das, and then He could give him initiation and give him salvation.

In those days, Dhani Dharam Das Ji was an extremely rich person. He had a wealth of about fourteen crore rupees. And, in those days, about a half paisa was of great value. So, in search of Kabir Sahib, he spent his entire wealth, either in donating the wealth itself or for giving a feast to brahmins and sages, etc., to search for Kabir Sahib.

After he had spent all his wealth trying to attract Kabir Sahib and he had still not found Kabir Sahib, when he had spent the last penny then, finally, on the banks of the Ganges, he decided to end his life. So, he climbed a pul and he was trying to tie a rope around his waist with his dhoti so that, when he jumped in the Ganges, he would not be able to float back, because he was very repentant that he had spent all his wealth and he had not even been able to find his Master.

While he was about to jump, Kabir Sahib manifested there and He caught his hand. When Kabir Sahib stopped him from jumping, he recognized the Master and he said to Kabir, “You have come now when I have spent all my wealth. Had I been able to meet you earlier, or you had manifested earlier, I would have been able to give you some of my wealth for the good of others.”

So, Kabir Sahib told him, “No, that is okay. You have already spent all your money for doing the good of others. You have donated your money and you have donated your wealth for giving feasts to the poor people, so you have spent that money well. Now, you come with me.” Then, He took Dharam Das back to His ashram, and there He initiated Dharam Das. And Dharam Das then became a great Mahatma.

So, Kabir Sahib later used to visit Dharam Das’s house, several times. And a lot of Dharam Das’s family members had also got initiation from Kabir Sahib. But, his elder son, Narayan Das, he did not like the sight of Kabir Sahib. So, whenever Kabir Sahib would come, he would turn his back and stand.

Dharam Das Ji used to rebuke his son and kept trying to tell him that he should also come on the Path. And this went on for several days. Finally, Dharam Das Ji requested Kabir Sahib and he said, “You have initiated and have helped the entire family. If You're going to give salvation to the entire family, only this elder son has been left out. Why don't You shower your Grace on him also and turn him also?”

But, then Kabir Sahib told him, “If you follow him and if you want him to get salvation, then you are going to get pulled into hell because of that.” Kabir Sahib told him, ”He is the avatar of Kal Niranjan, and he has come here only to propagate discord against me and against you when you extend the Teachings. So, you don't try to persuade him. Nothing is going to happen there. Later, he is going to show a lot of mystic powers. He is going to try to attract a lot of people and he is also going to do propaganda against you."

But, Dharam Das Ji requested Him, “He is my only son, and if he is not going to be following these Teachings, then how will it be?”

So, Kabir Sahib blessed him and he got his second son, whose name was Chudamani. So, after that, Chudamani carried on the panth of Dharam Das Ji and there were forty-two Masters in that chain. (So, Kabir Sahib, Dharam Das Ji, Chudamani and so on and so forth.) They went on for forty-two Saints.

Like that, Kabir Sahib had come to give salvation to Dharam Das. So, God Almighty sends Saints from time to time to take such lost souls back to God Almighty. So, we should also remember the Teachings of the Master and follow the Teachings of the Master. And every day we should spend our time in Satsang and Dhyan Bhajan.

So, this morning time is good. We should make the most of this time. Let us close our eyes and sit for meditation.