Meditation Talk 10 August 2015 – Afternoon

Make A Timetable For Meditation And Keep The Schedule

SANT JI (Maharaj Ji) USED TO OFTEN SAY in Satsang, “We should not look at Simran and meditation as a burden, we should do it lovingly.” Like we go about all our worldly chores, we do everything from time to time, and we are punctual about all our duties, like going to our office, or eating our food, etc.

Likewise, we should do our Bhajan and Simran also punctually. So, when we do our daily schedule, we should always keep our time for Bhajan Simran as the first priority and our first activity, and we should always provide for that in our timetable. We should make a habit of drawing a timetable like that so that the Bhajan Simran time is provided for in the beginning. That way, the mind also gets used to it. And it knows that this is the time that is set aside for meditation because, if we don't set the discipline, then the mind deceives us.

The mind is ever ready to work so hard on other worldly matters. It never deters us on any of those matters. It always does that work. Even if we have to work very hard, it will take out extra time and do all of that. But it will try to see that you forget to do your Simran and Bhajan.

So, this way, you have to set aside the time and be punctual about it.

Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had two devotees, Machar and Ramdita. And they were very devoted and disciplined in their meditation. Every day they would take out at least two and a half hours. And they would do this meditation before they did any other thing. Whenever they sat for meditation, they would not leave that meditation till either they had a Darshan within, or they enjoyed that meditation. If they did not get Darshan within or were not satisfied with the experience within, then they would sit again for another two and half hours for meditation. They would ensure that they would sit till their mind would quieten, and then they would be able to do their meditation and Simran well.

Both were landowners and farmers. Their farms would get water from the canal, which would be made available at a fixed time twice a week. So, on that particular day, when that water was going to be made available, they were sitting for meditation as usual. And despite sitting for approximately two to three hours, they did not get any Darshan within, and they did not really enjoy their meditation.

Sometimes, the Master also tests Their disciples this way. So, both of them, after these three hours of meditation, met and Ramdita said, “Look, I didn't get any experience today. But we will have to give water for the sugarcane because, if we don't do that today, we will have to wait another week to do this, and by then the sugarcane will dry.”

Machar also related that even in his case the same thing had happened, and even he also had to give water to his field of sugarcane.

Then both of them conferred and said, “Look, it doesn't matter. Let’s sit for meditation. We will not give the water for the field today. If the field does not get water and the sugar dries, so be it.” So, after about two hours of sitting in meditation again, they got the glimpse of the Master within. And then, only after that, they got up and went and left water for their field.

This kind of interest and this kind of longing should be there for our meditation because, oftentimes, our mind makes us very dry in meditation. And it brings all the other thoughts and the worldly matters and distracts us.

So, the time is good and the ambiance is quiet. We should make the most of it and we should close our eyes and sit for Simran and Dhyan.