Meditation Talk - 10 August 2015 - Morning

The Importance Of Doing The Seva Of Simran

IN KALI YUGA, Masters have adopted three measures for salvation; surrender to the Master, Simran, and seva. These are the three measures. So, all the three are equally important for the salvation of the soul. And, now, when we say ‘seva’, most people feel that it is outwardly seva, which we do with the physical body and that is the seva that Masters are describing. But it is not just that seva. It is also the seva of doing Simran and Dhyan and meditation, as Masters instruct us, which is important. So, when we do two and a half hours of meditation every day, the Masters are very graceful and They get happy with this seva. So, before we do the contemplation of the Master within, it is very important for us to do the Simran.

When I was in the Kengeri Ashram for some time, after Somanath Baba Ji had left His sharir, then I used to do the seva. I used to weep and do the seva and I used to do my Simran. And I used to often feel that, “Now, Who will protect us?” Because it was Somanath Baba Ji Who used to protect us and be so graceful. “Now, Who will love us like that? Who will protect us like that?”

I used to do the night duty as usual and, after that, I used to sit for meditation. But I would sit for meditation in the building of Baba Ji and I would rest my back against the wall because that was a very tiring seva. And in the night, I often felt very sleepy. But I would still sit for meditation.

So, once this night, when I sat for meditation, I had this vision that there was a very big bhandara and lots of devotees had come. And I was talking in that vision with Jamal Bhai, who was my associate there. And I asked him as to, “Who is the great Master of this bhandara?” So, in that vision, I then told Jamal Bhai, “Let us go and see.” And we went to see who was the Master. And there were four or five thousand devotees, and it was a very big bhandara that was going on. So, standing behind, we saw the Master.

In those days I had only seen Charan Singh Ji Maharaj. I had not seen anybody else. And He was a different Master Who was sitting there. So, it was only much later that I realized that the vision I saw was that of Sant Ajaib Singh Ji.

In that vision then, after the bhandara, the Master came to us and He asked us, “Do you want to ask me something?” And I said, “Yes, I want to ask You.” So, He told me, “You ask.” Then I told Him, “Now, Baba Ji has left, so Who is going to be there? Is there going to be another Master Who is going to come and protect us?” So, He said, “Yes, He will come.”

Now, I approximately remember that He had said about ten to eleven years, or thereabouts, so He mentioned something like that. And the other question that I asked Him was also that I had not been able to do Bhajan as well as I was doing earlier, because of the bereavement and there was some tension during that time with all of the things that were happening around. I was not being able to do the Bhajan as well as I was doing before.

So, I asked Him, “How can that be improved?” He told me, “Hold the Simran.” He told me to do Simran.

Simran is the first step on the Spiritual Path. If your Simran gets steady and you constantly are doing Simran, not only when you sit for meditation, but also otherwise during the day, then your Dhyan, your meditation, will definitely improve. So, Simran is to be done very assiduously and regularly. When we do our Simran during the rest of the day, when we are doing other things also where our mind is not occupied, then that Simran helps us when we sit for our meditation.

So, the morning time is good. We have just woken up. The mind is quiet. A quiet mind is good for meditation. We should close our eyes and do our Simran and Bhajan.