Meditation Talk 09 Jan 2017– Afternoon

The Bhajan Simran That We Do In This Lifetime Is The Only Wealth We Carry With Us That Is Of Value

ONE OF THE PREMI-GURUMUKH DISCIPLES of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj was Bhai Mastana. He had come from Baluchistan. He had a lot of love and affection for his Master and he stayed for quite a long period in the ashram doing seva. After Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj left His body, he went to Sirsa. That was the birthplace of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. He bought land there and he built an ashram there.

After Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj left His body, Ajaib Singh Ji used to go to Mastana Ji. And, looking at Mastana Ji, Ajaib Singh Ji felt that perhaps he may be his Master who would give him initiation.

What Mastana Ji used to do was, He used to build good architectural buildings. And, thereafter, once they were built and ready, He would have them demolished. He would construct new buildings, and then He would break them down at various places. He kept doing this. And He used to say that Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj has made Him the treasurer of a lot of wealth.

So, He once built a very beautiful glass house. And the engineer, who helped him construct that, he felt, “This person has some mental problem.” He felt that, as usual, he would break down this building also. So, what he did was, he looked for a wealthy person who could buy that building so that building would not be demolished. He convinced a wealthy person, who came and took a look at that building, and he was quite impressed with that building. And he went, in the morning Darshan time, to meet Mastana Ji. And there, he requested Mastana Ji that he would like to purchase that building. He requested to purchase it before it would get broken down.

So, Mastana Ji got very annoyed with him and He asked him to leave. And He told this person, “This human body is such a precious building that you have, and that is getting wasted. And you’re least bothered about it. You are more concerned about that building, which I am breaking.” So, He asked him to leave. And, thereafter, after about two, three days, He broke down that building. So, He used to do such different things, about which people would all wonder and be amazed.

During Satsang time, He used to catch a stray dog. And, to the tail of that dog, he would tie high currency notes. And, during Satsang, he would leave that dog free. So, many people, who came to attend the Satsang, some of them would start running behind that stray dog. Then, He would point out those people who were running behind that dog and say, “These people are the slaves of money. Their deity is money.” And He used to get quite annoyed with them. So, He used to do a lot of such things.

Because this life that has been given to us, this human form, which is given to us, is a very precious thing. And He used to do a lot of these kinds of incidents so that people would appreciate the importance of this human life that has been given to us.

So, whatever Bhajan Simran we do, only that which we do in this lifetime is the wealth that we carry with us, which is of value. Everything else that we are wasting our time on is going to be left behind. And that is wasteful.

Therefore, every day, we should spend our time listening to Satsang and spending time doing our Simran and Bhajan, because that is our personal work.

So, this time is good and the atmosphere is quiet and we should make the most of this. And we should close our eyes and get connected to Simran and Bhajan.