Meditation Talk 09 Jan 2017– Morning

Kal Has Set The Rules For karmas…So, Whatever One Gives, One Has To Take — Whatever One Takes, He Has To Give

WHEN SAWAN SINGH JI MAHARAJ WAS WORKING in the military, he was an engineer in the military, and he was working in the office. And there was a lot of work, so it became late for him. His friend, who was also a disciple of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj, Kehar Singh, used to work in the same office as Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. It was past 5:00, more than twenty minutes past 5:00, and the office usually closed at 5:00. So, he came to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj and told him, “This time is up, the office is closed, so we should leave.”

When the soul goes into the lower life forms, in 8.4 million life forms, it prays to the God Almighty to relieve it of all the troubles and the sorrow that it is going through.

Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj said, “I have some work and that is what is taking me some time.”

So, Kehar Singh told him, “God will do that work.”
Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj laughed, and asked him, “Which God will do that?”

Kehar Singh was surprised by the answer, because he felt, “Why is he saying ‘which God’? Because there is only one God.” So, he got a doubt as to whether he was referring to more than one God now.
Kehar Singh carried this doubt back home when he went back. And he was still pondering on what Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had said. And, then he went to sleep.

Now, he was a disciple of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj so, in his dreams, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj came. And He said, “Yes, there are two Gods. One is God Almighty, Who is Dayal for the satsangis. And the other is the god for everyone, who is Kal.” So, Kal is the ruler of all these three worlds and he is the god for everyone here. And everyone abides by his rules. And, above him, there is God Almighty, Dayal.

All these three worlds come under the realm of Kal. Kal is a righteous god and he believes in karmas. He has set the rules for karmas. So, whatever one gives, one has to take. Whatever one takes, he has to give. The karmas have to get redeemed. And, if the soul or the mind is not going to redeem it, then the Master has to redeem that.

When the Master takes the soul back to God Almighty, the karmas or the deeds that soul and that mind have built up, that has to be accounted for, and the Master has to give that account to Kal.

Master uses various measures for redeeming these karmas. Some are through Darshan. Some karmas are redeemed through Dhyan Bhajan. And some are redeemed through Satsang.

So, we should do our Satsang and we should do our meditation, Simran Bhajan, every day. And it is very important for us to give food to the soul also. That is our true work for which God Almighty has given this beautiful body to us. Everything else that we are doing, day and night, that is work, which we are doing for others. And we are going to leave that work, and the fruits of that, here only.

So, we have got up early in the morning and it is a quiet atmosphere. It is good for the mind. A quiet mind can do meditation. So, we should close our eyes and do our Bhajan Simran.