Meditation Talk - 09 August 2017- Morning

The Extent Of The Grace The Master Extends Is Without Any Bounds

ALL SAINTS HAVE PRAISED the Grace and greatness of Their Masters because only with the Grace of Their Masters They have been able to gain in spirituality. Because only a Master transforms a very ordinary human being by His Grace, and He gets him on the Path of Spirituality and gets him to progress on that Path. And the extent of Grace that He extends to that person is without any bounds.

Kabir Sahib also in His Bani says, "If I make paper of all the continents and I make ink of all the seas, all the seven seas, and I take all the forests and make a pen out of that and I start writing about the greatness of my Master, I will not be able to write enough. All these things will be extinguished by the time I write about the greatness of my Master.” He says in another Bani, "The Master is better than the philosopher's stone. The philosopher's stone has the capability of converting any iron into gold and increasing the value of that iron. But the Master has the capability of making an ordinary person into a Master.” Because one can value gold, he can put a value to the extent of the quantity of gold that can be converted, but the value of the philosopher's stone is priceless. We can not ever quantify the value.” So, that way, we can get a truckload of iron and touch it and convert the whole truck and all the load into gold and, like that, we can do it several times. All of that can be quantified. But the value of that philosopher's stone cannot be quantified.

But, better than that, is the Master Who transforms a very ordinary human being. We are all maligned. So, this maligned human being, when he comes and surrenders at the Feet of the Master with his mind and his body, the Master extends His Grace to that person and transforms that person completely. That is why Masters say, "The Grace extended by the Master is limitless and we cannot ever quantify that extent of Grace that the Masters extend to us.” That is why all the Masters always praise their Masters.

Even Ajaib Singh Ji, whenever He would start His Satsang, He would always refer to Kirpal and there was never a moment when He was not thinking of Kirpal or talking about Him.

I have also observed that when Somanath Baba Ji would talk in Satsangs and, whenever the reference of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj would come there, He would suddenly become speechless and He would have tears in His eyes. So, that shows how much He loved his Master.

So, the extent of Grace that Masters have showered on Them, and all the Masters shower on us, is limitless.

That is why we should also make our efforts. We have had the fortune of having such great Masters. And we should also make some effort of doing our meditation every day, regularly. And, with that, we will be able to also reduce some of our own karmas and enable the Master to shower His Grace on all of us.

Because, if we do not do this, then the burden of our karma builds up and then, eventually, we have to redeem that karma in the form of some sickness or some trouble or other ailment. And because we suffer, our Master also suffers. He also feels sad and He suffers because we are suffering.

The Master expects us to also reduce our karmas during our lifetime. He is also expecting us to reduce our karmas and redeem our karmas with our meditation. And if we are not able to do that, then that affects Him because He has planned for your reduction of karmas by your meditation.

The Masters cannot change our Pralabdh karmas. We have to go through the Pralabdh karmas because our life is determined on those karmas. However, with Their Grace, They definitely reduce it multiple times.

What would be life-threatening is reduced to a simple poke. So, that is the kind of extent of Grace that They extend for reducing our karmas. But They cannot completely take out our Pralabdh.

Some of the disciples do not do this. And, as a result, they have to go through this burden of redemption of their karmas and they have to suffer a lot because the Masters have to clean that soul and take it back. So, the disciple then has to suffer.

The Master seldom leaves the soul behind, even if the soul has love for his Master equivalent to a seed of a sunflower. Even if he has only that much love and he has never done his meditation or Simran and he has never really been devoted. But if even that much is there, then the Master will come and take him from this life. He will always come to take that soul at the time of death.

It is only very few people who, after taking initiation, get completely swayed from the Path. They start eating non-vegetarian food, or they indulge in other substances, or alcohol, and they do all kinds of sins and they build their burden of sins. And they completely forget their Master, let alone any meditation or Simran. So, such people who are completely away from the Path, they forget the Master, and as a result, the Master’s attention also goes away from them. But even for such people, the Master does not come at the time of death, He sends the Lord of Judgment himself to fetch such people. The angels of death don't come for them. It is the Lord of Judgment who comes for them. So, the Masters ask the Lord of Judgment to come and fetch that soul of that dying disciple and they instruct him as to where that soul has to be then placed and which family that soul will go, into, some other satsangi family, so that he can come back on the Path. Now, such a person then is reborn in some other family, but because he is reborn, in terms of the life expectancy of the Master, a new Master has to take care of him. Because he has been initiated, that seed of Naam will never get destroyed. So, the next Master comes and then He nurtures that seed of Naam in that newborn.

Masters normally make sure that the soul comes with Him in this life itself and They try to redeem as much of his karmas as possible. And where he has not done the meditation or Simran, then he has to bear that burden on his own body. So, he has to go through that ailment, etc. And then his karmas are cleaned and redeemed. And then the Master takes him with Him in this life itself. And only that Master handles that soul through all the planes and He keeps him at higher planes to redeem his karmas further and takes him back to Sach Khand-Sat Lok. So, it is that very Master Who takes such souls back all the way to God Almighty.

So, therefore, it is incumbent on us to follow His Teachings and do that Simran and Dhyan Bhajan that has been told to us so that we also reduce the burden of karmas and it becomes easier for Him to take us back also.

So, the atmosphere is good and we should make the most of this and we should close our eyes and sit for meditation.