Meditation Talk 09 August 2016 – Afternoon

There Are Two Types Of People In This World, Gurumukhs And Manmukhs

SAINTS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN SAYING in Their Satsangs that there are two types of people. One type are gurumukhs and the other are manmukhs.

The manmukhs are those who are constantly in simran, or the repetition, of worries of the world, of their families, of their jobs and other things. And they are continuously in that thought process.

And the gurumukhs are the ones who are following the Teachings of the Master and doing the devotion of their Masters and doing the Simran and Bhajan.

So, these worldly people, they feel that this body has been given, this life has been given, to them to enjoy the luxuries of this world. But, the gurumukhs are people who are conscious of the importance of this human life that has been given to them. And this they have understood from the Satsangs that they have attended of the Masters. So, they understand that this life is very precious and it has been given to them for doing the devotion of God Almighty and going back to Him.

The more we get entangled in the thought processes of the world, and the more we get into sorrow, the more worried we become, the more engulfed we get in sorrow.

Sant Ji used to often relate this story of when honey was spread on the wall. Those flies who were very greedy, they would come and sit in the middle of the honey wanting to eat the maximum amount of honey. And they would get stuck in that honey. They would move their legs, then their wings would get stuck. So, eventually, they would neither be able to eat the honey nor would they be able to fly out.

And then, there were those flies who were the smarter ones, and they would sit at the periphery of the honey, where the honey was spread. They would stand on the dry wall, and they would slowly lick that honey. That way, they would get the taste of the honey and they would be able to fly away with dry wings also.

It is the state of the worldly people who are burned by their desires and by worries, that the more they are driven by those desires of worldly things, the more sorrowful they get, and the more worried they get.

And then, there are the gurumukhs who have families, who carry out their occupations, who have either jobs or they have businesses. They do all of their duties, but they stay within the Word of the Master and they follow the practice. So, that way, they enjoy everything in this world and they are also tuned in and devoted to God Almighty.

That is why the Saints and Masters say, “You have to stay in this world. You have to do all your duties. You should go on and live a normal life and do all your duties to your family, to your jobs, to your businesses, or to your occupations. But then, you should do all these things and carry out all your activities, thinking that all these belong to the Master and you are duty-bound to do and carry out those duties for the sake of the Master.”

In our daily schedule and timetable, we should keep our meditation. The first thing should be that we should keep our meditation and Simran. And then, thereafter, we can go about and set all our other worldly tasks. If we do this every day, then we will definitely get the Grace of the Master. So, therefore, we should take this Word of the Masters and we should also bring this into our regular daily life and make a success of this life.

So, this time is good and it is quiet. We should make the most of this time. Let's close our eyes and get connected to Simran and Dhyan.