Meditation Talk 09 August 2015 – Afternoon

The History Of Beas Ashram, Dera Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj

WHEN JAIMAL SINGH JI MAHARAJ, under the instructions of Swami Ji Maharaj, came to Beas, he set up a hut on the banks of the river Beas. He later set up His ashram there. It was a very large area on the banks of the river Beas. And there were lots of stories that there were ghosts in that area, so villagers would not come there. Since the area was secluded and seldom visited by villagers, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj set up His hut near the banks of the river and started His teachings there. There were very few visitors there.

After a month or so, some people in the nearby villages started thinking that this Saint is trying to acquire this land. So, one day, some of the villagers also came to fight and they asked Him to leave that place.

Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj lovingly told them that, “There are lots of ghosts here, and if anyone of you is strong enough to get those ghosts out and comes and stays here, I will have no problem and I shall leave.”

But people were too scared because, in the evening, ghosts would come out and start singing and dancing in that area. Therefore, no one would come in that area. So, none of the villagers later ventured to stay there and take out any ghosts or ask Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj to leave, and He continued staying in His hut at that place.

Afterward, when Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj became His devotee, he built a house for Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj there. Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj did not want to construct a house. However, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj insisted and constructed a small room for Him. And today also, in the Beas Ashram, this room is there within the compound of the house of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj.

Later, as more and more devotees came there to stay, one by one, more rooms and houses were built. Some of the villagers also came and said that “This river flows very high at times and, therefore, the village should be built at a height. And all this construction, which you are doing, everything will get submerged and washed away.” So, they were objecting to the construction in that place.

When they objected, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj said that “If my Guru Ji comes, and even puts His one foot here, then I have recovered everything that I’ve invested in these rooms.” As time elapsed, however, the river kept going further down and away from the ashram.

So, today also, the ashram is there and the river has left a lot of space for the ashram. That ashram is more like a large town. And today also, the name of that place is Dera Baba Jaimal Singh. The Master also helps in such a cause.

There was another piece of land of around two hundred acres. It was wasteland and Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj wanted to buy it. And he asked Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj whether he should purchase that land. So, he was told to go ahead and purchase it. This was entirely waste and dry land, which was purchased by Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj.

Today, in this place in Sikanderpur, there is a canal, which flows right through the middle of this land. And it has become extremely fertile. Sugarcane is grown there and there is a sugar cane mill also. So, even now, when sevadars go from Andhra and Karnataka, etc., to the ashram, they do seva there in the ashram. They do sugarcane cultivation.

Almost twenty-five years before Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj came to Beas, there was one person called Baba Kahan. He was a hermit. And he used to gather bricks and he used to keep the bricks in that place. And people used to wonder why he is doing this. And they used to ask him, “Why are you bringing all these bricks here?”

He said, “There will be a big city here and it will grow. I see that.” So, that is why this Beas ashram, Dera Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj, is there.

So, the time is good. The mind is quiet. We should sit in our Simran and Dhyan.