Meditation Talk 08 Jan 2017– Afternoon

We Should Listen To The Teachings Of The Masters And Follow Their Instructions, So That We Don't Have To Come Again Into This World

ONCE, THERE WERE TWO DISCIPLES of Swami Ji Maharaj. They were a son and father. Both of them were devotees of Swami Ji Maharaj.

In those days then, there used to be several epidemics, like cholera, plague, etc. In those days, there weren't adequate hospitals and other modern medical healthcare facilities. People would go to vaids and these people would give home remedies, and other Ayurvedic, and such other medicines.

That boy, he got infected, and it was the plague at that time. And, after about fifteen, twenty days, he became very thin. So, the father tried to do a lot of medication and other things to save his son. But, day-by-day, the boy was weakening. When that boy was about to die, his inner vision opened, and he could see what he was in the previous births. So, he told his father, “Don't cry. I am going to be born again in a satsangi family. And there, I'm going to take to the Sant Mat.” So, the boy had been more recently initiated, and he had not had much time to do his meditations. So, he told his father, “I will be born in another satsangi family. And I will reach the stage of Sadh.” He told his father, “I was, in my previous birth, a babul tree. And one of the sevadars had taken a twig from that tree and given it to Swami Ji Maharaj to brush His teeth. And that is how I have got His Grace and I have been born as a human being in this life. So, though I was born here as a human being, my thinking was not that evolved. And that is why I was not able to assimilate much of the Satsang and do as much meditation as I could. So, I will again be getting a birth of a human being. And there, I will do my meditation and I will attain the level of a sadhu.”

It happens sometimes, with the Grace of Masters, a jiva is transferred from a lower species, or a lower life form, into a human form. Now, he carries some of those impressions of that earlier birth with him. So, with the Grace of the Masters, sometimes They grace dogs or cats, or horses, or cattle, and They transform them, They give them a birth as a human being. There are these impressions, however, they have of their earlier births.

In Baba Ji’s [Somanath Baba Ji] ashram also, there was a person called Basur Raj. He, earlier, was born as a bullock. So, Baba Ji used to feed a roti to that calf, every day. Sometimes, when he was free, he would even climb up the stairs and go up to Baba Ji and take that roti. And then, come back.

Satsangis there would ask Baba Ji, “You have so much love for this calf. So, what is the connection? Where has this soul come from?”

Baba Ji said, “In his previous birth, he was a human being. He was born into a very wealthy family. And, he had come once and eaten a prashad. He had attended Satsang and eaten a prashad. So, because of that prasad, he was saved the whole cycle of going through all of the other births, and he was given the birth of a calf in the ashram. He will, now, be born as a human being, after this.”

As that calf grew up and became a bullock, he was tied in the stable and, because he used to, then, nudge people, he was kept aside. And Baba Ji used to go and feed him every day.

So, that way, some of these impressions get built up and, with the Grace of the Masters, sometimes They give prashad to that animal, or that creature, whichever it is. And those kinds of impressions build up. The reason that there are so many humans on this planet now is because of the Grace of the Masters.

We should listen to the Teachings of the Masters and follow Their instructions so that we don't have to come again into this world.

So, the atmosphere is quiet and we should make the most of it. We should close our eyes and do our                     Simran and Dhyan.