Meditation Talk 08 Jan 2017– Morning

After Tens Of Millions Of Lives, We Get Blessed With A Human Life

AFTER TENS OF MILLIONS OF LIVES, we get blessed with a human life. And, with the Grace of the Masters, we get the company of the Masters.

When the soul goes into the lower life forms, in 8.4 million life forms, it prays to the God Almighty to relieve it of all the troubles and the sorrow that it is going through.

Then, the God Almighty feels compassionate for it and gives it a human life. God Almighty has created this human life form where He has kept His whole Creation inside. All the sixteen planes are contained within the human life form. And, He has also kept the Path for going back to God Almighty inside this life form.

Masters come and They tell us the Way, the Path, to go back to our Father, to God Almighty.

Sat Lok-Sach Khand is our True Home. There, there is no day. There is no night. There is no Kal and
Maya. There is blankness and bliss, and it rains nectar there. When the soul goes there and meets with God Almighty, it is called a ‘swan’ there, and it gets the brightness of sixteen suns. And it also, from there, gets the strength and the vision that it can see all the sixteen planes from there.

The soul is a part of God Almighty. It has come into this world of Kal and Maya and has become entangled here. And it is now in sorrow.

Masters come into this world to get the soul out of the tangle here of Kal and Maya and take it back to its True Home to God Almighty.

So, we should also make our efforts to go back to our True Home. Every day, we should spend time for doing our Simran, and we should listen to Satsang every day. If we make our effort like this and follow the instructions of the Master, then the Master also gets pleased with us, and He also showers His Grace on us. So, in all our duties in the world, when we go back, we should set aside a timetable and keep time for doing Simran and Satsang also.

Like we feel it is very important to give food for this body, it is equally important to give food for the soul.         Bhajan Simran is the food for the soul, and Satsang is the water. So, like we need food and water for carrying on our life, like that, the soul also needs this food and water, Bhajan Simran, and Satsang. By doing this regularly, the soul gains strength, and the mind becomes weaker. And, at one point in time, the mind will become still.

So, we have woken up in the morning. It is a quiet time and a quiet time is good for the mind. The mind is quiet and we should make the most of this time and close our eyes and get connected with Simran.