Meditation Talk 08 Jan 2016– Afternoon

At The Time Of Initiation, The Masters Tie The Soul To The Sar Shabd Emanating From Par Brahm

IN THIS HUMAN LIFE, humans have sacrificed a lot. They have sacrificed their families, homes, and all their leisure, and they have also gone in the Himalayas and practiced there. Man has also controlled very wild animals, like lions, tigers, cheetahs, and elephants. They have tamed all these wild animals also, but they have not been able to tame their mind.

Sage Vashisht was once telling Lord Rama, “If someone has said he has lifted the Himalayas, then I can believe it. If someone also says that he has drunk the seas, all the seas, even then, I am willing to accept that. But, if someone tells me that ‘I have controlled my mind’, then I am not willing to accept that.”
She said, “You have two sons, Sri Chand and Lakshmi Chand.”
So, He said, “Okay, let us see, we’ll see tomorrow, who is my son?”

This mind is very powerful. And, in all the three worlds, for someone to tame the mind, it is quite impossible. So, in all these three worlds, where there are life forms, for them to control the mind is very difficult because mind is a very powerful thing. It is not something to be thought low of. And the mind has emanated from Brahm.

So, all these austere measures that are taken, and all these difficult penances and practices that are done, with that, these are all done under the realm of the mind. With that, even there are a lot of mystic powers that one develops, but he is unable to control his mind.

Swami Ji Maharaj also says, “By doing millions of things, this mind cannot be controlled. It can only be controlled by listening to the Sound Current.” So, by listening to the Sound Current, the mind gets into control. Though the mind is not controlled, it becomes quiet when it listens to the Sound Current. When the Sar Shabd is heard — that is the Shabd at Par Brahm only — then the mind gets controlled.

So, when the souls that were given by God to Kal, when they came within the realm of Kal, he tied this knot of the mind with the soul. And then, the soul descended further. And when the Masters initiate the person — or the soul — then They untie this and tie it with Sar Shabd, which is the Shabd emanating from beyond Par Brahm.

At the time of death, wherever this knot is tied, the soul goes back into that realm. And since this knot is untied here, and it is tied up to Sar Shabd, the soul gets free.

So, Anahad Shabd is the Sound Current. It is also heard by other yogis. And there is a mention of Anahad Shabd, or the Sound Current, by other yogis also. But this Sound Current only quietens the mind.

In the case of Somanath Baba Ji, when he did his pranayamas, he got all sorts of mystic powers, because of the pranayamas also. But, he had no peace of mind. It was only later, after he was initiated by Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj and he went up to Sach Khand-Sat Lok, that He got peace of mind.

Even in the case of Ajaib Singh Ji, he had the Two Shabd Naam from Baba Bishan Das. And he had done this practice and he had a lot of mystic powers, but he got his peace of mind, finally, when Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj gave him the full initiation and he went to Sach Khand-Sat Lok.

Kabir Sahib says, “The Simran that we do, the jap that is done, that dies. The ajapa, which is the simran done by the mind continuously, also gets destroyed. And the Anahad, that is the Sound Current that comes, that also gets destroyed. And it is only when the Sar Shabd is heard that you get free from this bondage of life and death.” Until such time, there is again life and death within the jap, ajapa and the Anahad.

This human life is very precious. After millions of life forms, and after wandering and suffering in all of those life forms, with the Grace of God Almighty, we get the human life, this small period, for us to get our salvation. So, God sees that the soul has much suffered in all of these other life forms and that it should be given an opportunity to stand aside and get salvation. So, that is why God, with His Mercy, gives a human life.

In all our previous births also, we have spent time taking care of ourselves and taking care of our loved ones. Now, in this life form also, if we waste this life form in only that activity then, at the time of death, it leads to a lot of repentance.

So, Saints say, “With each breath that we take, we should collect the wealth of Naam. And we should do our Simran and keep collecting and increasing this wealth of Naam, which will help us after our death also.”

So, the time is very precious. Each breath that we are taking is worth more than the three worlds, and we should use this time wisely. The atmosphere is also very quiet. We should make the best of this opportunity and close our eyes and sit for meditation.