Meditation Talk 08 Jan 2016– Morning

At Home, You Should Make A Special Place For Doing Your Meditation

SOME PEOPLE KEEP ASKING, “What is a good time to meditate? And what should be the direction in which we should sit and meditate?”

THIS IS AN INCIDENT from the life of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. Once, he was going to take the Darshan of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj in Beas. So, when he was going there, he got off the station, and there he met a Father of a church. That Father asked Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, “Tell me, who is bigger? Who is greater? Is it Jesus Christ, or is it Guru Nanak Ji, or is it Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj?”

From 3:00 to 10:00 AM is a good time for meditation. It is called Amrit Vela, or Brahma Muhurta, and it’s the ‘Time of Nectar’. Because, that is the time we have woken up, and our mind is very quiet, and a quiet mind is good for meditation. And, as the day progresses, our mind becomes more and more active. And there are more and more thoughts, and the thinking process gets more active. But, if we do not get time to sit in the morning during that period, then we can sit later, at any time, during the day. So, for meditation, anytime is good for meditation. And, throughout the rest of the day, we should do as much Simran as possible.

As for the Shastras, and as for the Scriptures, they refer to three directions in which one can sit for meditation, which are east, west, and north. They, generally, do not suggest south. But, for our meditation, and sitting for our meditation, it doesn't matter in whichever direction you sit. So, if we are going somewhere, or we are traveling, or we are sitting anywhere, it doesn't matter which direction we sit. We can sit in any direction for our meditation.

But, when we stay at home, it is preferable that one place is fixed for our meditation because, that way, our meditation improves, when we go and we sit in that same place, again and again, for meditation. Because, where we sit for meditation, that place also becomes pure. And, when we sit, again and again, it helps in our meditation.

If we keep changing our place, it may not be very good for meditation. However, if we are traveling, it doesn't matter. We can sit anywhere and do our meditation. This is recommended for your home, where you should make a place especially for meditation.

So, we should make meditation our hobby. It should be something, which we should look forward to, and we should do more and more meditation, as much meditation as possible. We should do meditation with love and affection. We should look at it as a means for us to go back to our God Almighty, our Father, and do that lovingly. And to go and meet our Father, God Almighty, we should spend more and more time for remembering Him and for doing this practice. We should do as much as possible. We should do Simran, and the more we do Simran, the better it will be for us, the faster we will be successful. And, the lesser Simran we do, the slower the process will be, and we will take longer for getting success.

When I was at the ashram, the meditation and Simran was very good. For that one, one and a half years, the Simran was very good. Thereafter, when I went to different places to sit for meditation, the Simran was not as good, not as good as it was in the ashram.

Later, it so happened that I came to Mumbai, and it was a very crowded locality. And, in the midst of that very crowded locality, I was in the house of Mr. R.R. Singh, in Mumbai and he had a business of betel leaves. They used to count the betel leaves, clean them, and bag them. So, I used to sit and do that with him. And he used to insist that we all do Simran while we were counting the betel leaves, or cleaning the betel leaves.

So, with each betel leaf, we used to do Simran, and he would keep pointing it out, whenever we missed doing the Simran while doing that counting. And, as a result, the Simran became very good during that period. So again, when the Simran improved while I was doing that, again my soul, the attention, started getting focused at the Eye Center. So, that locality is a very crowded locality. It is a Dadar, which is one of the most crowded places in Mumbai. And there is a school adjacent to where he stayed that was very noisy. There was road noise. And it was as noisy as one could get. But, because of the Simran that was being continuously done, I could achieve this. I could improve my meditation.

So, it doesn't matter about the locality. So, therefore, Simran, if we do more and more, we will be successful faster. The more Simran we do, the faster we will get success. The slower and lesser Simran we do, the success will be slower.

So, this morning time is very good. It is quiet and the mind is also quiet. A quiet mind is good for meditation. So, we should make the most of this time, close our eyes, and sit for our meditation.