Meditation Talk 08 August 2017– Afternoon

Once The Mind Becomes Pure, Our Journey Of Spirituality Begins

IN SANT MAT, besides the control over our food habits, it is important to keep our mind clean. Tulsi Sahib also mentioned and told Sheikh Taqi. Sheikh Taqi had gone to Mecca-Medina and with all those pilgrimages around there he had still not got any vision within and he had come to Tulsi Sahib. So, after roaming all over those places, he had come to Tulsi Sahib, and he asked Tulsi Sahib, "How will I get to see God Almighty and how will I be able to meet Him?"

So, Tulsi Sahib told him, "God Almighty is not outside in any caves or in any mountains or any pilgrimages. He is very much within you."

Kabir Sahib has also said, "I am not in any musjid. I am not in any temple or in any high mountain of the Himalayas. I am within you and I will be able to come and meet you in a moment’s search."

So, Tulsi Sahib told Taqi, "You have to clean your temple. You have to clean your mind. And today, sitting in your temple, you have the simran of the outside world and outside people. So, you have to do the Simran of God Almighty there and clean that temple of yours."

So, Masters have given us the Simran. And by doing Simran continuously, we cut off the outward simran and our outward entanglement. And the more Simran we do, the more deeds are redeemed. And with more deeds being redeemed, the mind becomes purer. He says, "In the faculty of your visualization, keep the Form of the Master and contemplate on His Form. And, in your mind, do the Simran that has been given by your Master."

The Kingdom of God is within you and to get to the Kingdom of God you have to do the Simran because this Simran will help you come within. Today, your mind is manifested in this world outside and it is entangled in all the desires and pulls outside and it is continuously in the repetition of everything it sees outside. By doing the Simran given by the Masters, we are able to get the mind focused inwardly and then go within to the Kingdom of God. When we do Simran, our faculty of visualization also becomes clean and the mind also becomes pure. And, therefore, we are able to then focus better within and go within. Once the mind becomes pure, our journey of spirituality begins and we will be able to go within to the Tenth Door. If the mind is not pure, we will not be able to progress on that journey.

So, this mind, which is impure with the thoughts of the world and the continuous repetition of the world and everything around it, with doing Simran that will become pure. And the faculty of visualization today is envisioning everything outside, all the worldly things and all our relationships. It is filled with all of this. So, once we do our Simran, this gets cleaned and then we will be able to contemplate on the Form of the Master within. Once we become pure, the mind becomes pure, and we manifest the Radiant Form of the Master within, we get completely transformed, and then we are able to see the Master everywhere.

We know that in Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj's time, there was a Bhai Wazira. He was the disciple of Sawan Singh Ji. And by doing seva and doing Simran and meditation, he had manifested the Form of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj within and he could see Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj everywhere. If he would see a eucalyptus tree, he would go there and hug that tree and say, "Master, You are standing here like this.”

So, he would see Master everywhere. If a cow would come inside the ashram, he would hug the cow and say, "Master, where are You coming from?" Or, if he would see a dog also, he would go and hug that dog and say, "Master, where are You going or, what are You doing?" And looking at this behavior of his, the other sevadars in the ashram complained to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj about his behavior. And, as a result, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj then stopped that vision of his and he could no longer see that Radiant Form of the Master within.

Now, if we ordinarily also lose our wealth here, whatever worldly wealth we have, we feel very sad at the loss of that wealth and, in spirituality, this kind of wealth which is gained out of a lot of hard work and by a lot of devotion, when this goes away, then you really get a very bad shock.

As a result, Wazira left eating food also and he used to sit for meditation for eight to ten hours, but then he could not see the Form of the Master within. He had left food and he was doing meditation day and night and, after about a fortnight, he had really become very weak because of not eating food also and being completely into this meditation day and night. And others were now worried about his health.

There were two initiates of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj also in the ashram. So, all the other sevadars went to them so that they could request Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj in a better way and ask for forgiveness. So, they also agreed to help because they were also worried about his health and the next morning they went for the Darshan of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj and both of them requested and prayed to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj to help Wazira. So, they requested Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj to shower Grace on Bhai Wazira, but then Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj told them that when he had got this experience he should have kept it to himself and digested it. Why did he show off outside and go about telling everybody and behaving like this? He should not have done that.

So, they, however, requested Him saying, “He has not eaten for nearly a fortnight and he is just on water and he is meditating all the time and he is not getting any experiences within. And we fear that he will lose his life like this. So, we request you to help him.”

So then, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj agreed to pardon Bhai Wazira and He asked someone to invite Bhai Wazira to be His chambers.

Now, Bhai Wazira could barely walk, so the sevadars helped him to come there. And Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj then gave him a scolding about his behavior. And then, thereafter, He showered His Grace on Bhai Wazira. Bhai Wazira said he would not do this again. And, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj then asked him to sit for meditation and he, once again, got those experiences.

So, that is what happens when we go within and we manifest the Radiant Form of the Master. Then we see the Master everywhere in everything. Likewise, when we go to Sach Khand and we see God Almighty, then we see God Almighty everywhere. All around us we see God Almighty.

So, therefore, we should keep our mind pure. We should do our Simran and try to keep our mind pure and live according to the Teachings of the Master.

So, the atmosphere is good and we should make the most of it. We should close our eyes and sit for meditation.