Meditation Talk - 08 August 2017- Morning

The Form of The Master Will Come As Your Simran Improves

SWAMI JI MAHARAJ, IN HIS BANI, has said, "Contemplate on the Form of your Master. Without that, you will not be able to get salvation." So, along with Simran, we should also contemplate on the Form of the Master at the Eye Center. We should contemplate on the Form of the Master where we have seen Him in person. We should not contemplate on any photograph of His. So, whenever we have met Him or seen Him in the Satsang, or had Darshan of His, we should remember those moments where we have seen Him and contemplate on that. Many times, when we contemplate, we are not able to get that vision of our Master within. So, many people then try to look into a photograph and try to contemplate that from that photograph. We should not do that because a photograph is a material thing and when we contemplate that within, it is not going to come and help us within.

Those photographs are just for a memory or something like that where we can say that "Okay, that is the photograph of my Master or his Master" and so forth. So, that is not for contemplating within.

When we sit for our meditation and do our Simran, and we try to contemplate on the Form of the Master, many times we are not able to contemplate His Form or visualize His Form within. If it happens like that, there is no problem. You should just continue doing your Simran and, if you see darkness within, you do your Simran in that darkness. The Master is there only and He is within. So, He will come as your Simran improves. He will automatically come and you will be able to see Him. Many times we cannot visualize the full Form. Sometimes we see His turban, sometimes His hand, or sometimes His face, or sometimes His eyes. That is because our faculty of visualization, along with the mind, is also impure. So, by doing Simran, when the mind becomes pure, that faculty of visualization also becomes pure and still, and then we are able to visualize the full Form of the Master.

So, therefore, the Five Names given to us, we should focus on that and do Simran as much as possible. It is with the Simran only that we will be able to manifest the Radiant Form of the Master within. After that, it is the Master's duty to take us back.

Sant Ji used to say in his bhajan that you should keep doing your Simran, and keep walking doing your Simran. As you do your Simran you will definitely get to your destination. And at your destination, your Master will definitely manifest.

We should do our meditation and Simran every day and not give a break. We usually do it for a few days, then we give a break for a few days, and then again do it. Now, if we do it like this with breaks, even if we spend a lifetime we will not be able to progress. So, you have to do it regularly.

So, the atmosphere is quiet and we have woken up and the mind is still. As the day progresses, the mind becomes more active, so it is a good time to meditate. So, we should make the most of this time and close our eyes and do our Simran and get in connection with the Form of the Master within.