Meditation Talk 08 August 2016 – Afternoon

The Lack Of Knowledge Of Previous Births

KAL CREATED THE THREE WORLDS. After that creation, because the jivas were not there, he wanted jivas in that creation. So, after that, he did an austerity. He stood on one foot because the jivas were to be procured from God Almighty. And he stood for seventy chaukri yugas. One chaukri yuga is like four yugas. So, that way, he did this for seventy such chaukri yugas. And he did his penance standing on one leg.

So, then, God Almighty became pleased with his penance and granted him a boon and asked him what he wanted.

So, he asked for jivas. He asked for souls from God Almighty to adorn these three worlds that he had created.

There was a store of jivas, a few jivas, in the Maha Sunn. And God Almighty took that store of jivas, and before He gave them to Kal, He told them, “Kal has done such a creation and he is asking for jivas. Are you all willing to go there?”

So, almost seventy-five percent of the jivas were willing to go there. But, about twenty-five percent were not very happy or pleased to go there.

Then, God Almighty told them, “I have already granted a boon to Kal. Kal is also My son. So, it's okay if you go. But, if you need to come back, I will come Myself to fetch you.”

Once Kal got these jivas, these souls, he got them into his creation and then encaged them in body and mind, and he sat there within each of the souls as the mind.

So, he created life forms here, about 3,000,000 types of plants and trees, and about 2,700,000 types of insects. Then, he created about 1,400,000 species of birds and flying animals, and he created about 900,000 types of species staying in water. And then, he created another 400,000 species of mammals who would be giving birth directly. And that is how he created this total of 8.4 million life forms. Then, he put each of these souls in all of these bodies. And that's how he made this creation.

But, initially, all the souls had a memory of their previous births, so none of the souls were willing to do any bad karmas. Since everyone knew what the cause and effect of their karmas would be, the cycle of life and death was not functioning.

So, again, he did penance for sixty-four chaukri yugas and he asked for boons from God Almighty. He asked, “The memory of the previous births should not be there with the jivas. When they go into the life, they should not remember their previous lives. Also, whatever life form I give to that jiva, that jiva should be happy in that life form.”

And then, the third thing, he was aware that God Almighty had promised the souls that He would come into the world to fetch them. And so, he said, “When You come into this world to fetch these souls, or You come in the form of Masters, or the like, You will not show any miracles to take these souls back. So, You should explain by way of Satsang or You should explain in the normal course, and only those souls who agree to go with You like that, the rule should be that only You should explain to them in the normal course and, only then, if they agree, then You take them back.”

So, that way, this whole cycle of life and death started, because the souls got embroiled in karmas because of their lack of knowledge of previous births. And that is how this whole creation has started, doing this cycle of life and death.

In this suffering, those souls who were not willing to come into this world, they conveyed their suffering to God Almighty. And that is how God Almighty has sent Saints to awaken them and take them back. These are the same souls who are now coming to the Masters, and they understand the Teachings of the Master and, then, they get successful on the Path to go back.

We are indeed fortunate to get this human life and the company of Masters. So, now, we should do our meditation and walk on this Path, follow the Teachings of the Master and do our meditation. That way, we will be able to get out of this jail of these 8.4 million life forms, this chaurasi. Because everyone is suffering, otherwise.

So, this time is good. We should close our eyes and get connected to Simran and meditation, to Dhyan.