Meditation Talk 08 August 2015 – Afternoon

The Masters Never Forsake Their Disciples

IN EARLIER TIMES, Naam used to be given after a lot of testing of the disciple, a lot of difficult testing. So, before Naam would be given, the heart of the devotee would have to be clear and clean for him to be able to assimilate the initiation. That whole process would be through seva and Darshan, and it would take a long time. So, therefore, there were very few devotees who would get Naam, because this whole process would take a long time.

It was only after Arjan Dev Ji agreed to change the way Naam would be given on the request of Bhai Manj that the process changed. So, Bhai Manj also went through a lot of hardship and difficulty before he was given Naam. And he requested Arjan Dev Ji to not have such different tests. And that was agreed to by Arjan Dev Ji. And, once a Saint passes an order like that, or agrees to do something, then that becomes law for everybody.

After Swami Ji Maharaj, the floodgates of initiation opened up and many people would be able to get the initiation because, once initiated, the seed of that initiation will always remain planted, even if it may take a longer time to fructify. So, this seed of initiation, once planted, is permanent. It never gets destroyed. And, sooner or later, it fructifies. Sooner or later, the devotee goes to Sach Khand. He's taken to SachKhand by the Masters.

So, Masters initiate the devotees and Kabir Sahib says, “Just like gold doesn't rust and iron doesn't rot, likewise, an initiate, who has been given Naam, will never go to hell.” Even when a devotee has not followed the Path, not followed the instructions of the Master, and he has done bad deeds, even for such an initiate, the Masters may not take him up, but They will give him another life for improving, and then take him after that. So, even if there is an iota of love for his Master, and he has not done anything but that little devotion or attention, then the Saints do not give another life. They definitely take the soul and take him up. The Masters take such a soul up, and at the higher planes, They ensure that the soul then does the Dhyan and he cleanses himself before going onwards.

And, for those who have religiously done their meditation, at least for an hour, hour and a half, and try to follow the instructions of the Master, for such souls the Masters come at the time of death and take them to the higher levels of Par Brahm. And there They keep these souls for some time.

And for those jivas, or those souls, who have done seva and who are otherwise not attached to any worldly desires, even if they have not meditated, for such souls the Saints take them straight to SachKhand.

It is the affection of the worldly matters and the love and attachments here, which will cause the Saints to keep the souls at the levels below Sach Khand. So, therefore, the Masters teach us to do Simran. Because, by doing Simran and contemplating within, gradually but surely, our attachments and our pull for these illusory, outwardly matters definitely is reduced. And, over a period of time, we start progressing within.

So, the time is good. We should use this time for doing our Simran and Bhajan. So, let’s close our eyes and get connected with Simran and Bhajan.