Meditation Talk - 08 August 2015 - Morning

We Never Realize The Reality Until We Reach The Tenth Door

THE BHAJAN* THAT WAS JUST SUNG, ‘Naam Guru Da Sacha Hor, Kur Da Pasara’, means this world is created by Kal and Maya and has been created to keep the jiva engaged in this illusion.

Mahatmas say this is all false and will perish. But we say, “How is this false? We are seeing this with our eyes.” But when we meditate and come to the Tenth Door, at the back of the Eye Center, we see the Reality. We see thousands of our previous births. So there, we see all our previous relationships also, all the family relationships that we currently have. We also understand the meaning of those relationships; how these relationships have emanated; in which previous birth we have been where we’ve had a relationship or a transaction for which we have now come, and we have taken this family position, or this association, here in this current life. So, we understand the objectivity of all these kinds of relationships that we are going through. And, at that time, we feel that, yes, all this is a complete illusion. We get the True Love and True Devotion for the Master there, and we get connected to the Sound Current.

So, our love and affection automatically switch to the spiritual side and we start truly loving and truly loving the Master. We see from that position and that vantage point. We see what kind of relationships we have and the objectivity of those relationships. And we truly understand that this whole life, this whole world, is nothing but a can of garbage.

Theoretically, we will never believe this reality. We may read all the Scriptures and all the great writings of people, but we will never realize this reality until we reach the Tenth Door. Until we see our Master within at the Tenth Door, we do not understand the importance of our Master also. So, since we do not yet see the Radiant Form of the Master within at the Tenth Door, our love and relationships here and all our affections do not go away, and they go away only when we see and manifest the Radiant Form within. We get our True Love and affection for the Master there.

So, only when we go there, do we realize and we see our Master and the actions that He's taking, and how He's safeguarding all the devotees, and what kind of work He is doing for all the devotees. Only when we go there, do we get to see all of this.

We should do a lot of Simran and Bhajan, and we should also do Simran in other times when we are free. And, with this, we should try to rise as fast as possible to the Tenth Door. By doing Simran and by doing devotion we will get the Grace of the Master.

Therefore, Nanak Ji in this bhajan has said, “This whole world and all that we see is an illusion. It is garbage. We should move our attention and our love and devotion from here, and take it to the Feet of the Masters.” We should make the most of this priceless time and opportunity that has been given to us.

So, morning time is good for us. We have woken up. The mind is fresh. So, we should use and make the most of this time and do our Simran and Dhyan. So let us close our eyes and sit for meditation.

* Referring to ‘Naam Guru Da Sacha’ Hor, Kur Da Pasara’… ( Name of the Guru is True, all else is false. )