Meditation Talk 07 Jan 2017– Afternoon

It Is The Love The Disciple Has For The Master That Gets Him Closer To The Master

DURING THE TIME of Swami Ji Maharaj, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj and Saligram Ji, these were the two gurumukh-disciples of Swami Ji. On the weekends, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj would come on the Saturdays, after his duty. And then, he would stay there, and on Sunday, he would do meditation there at the ashram, and then, return for duty on Monday. Even Saligram Ji would come on the weekends, on Saturdays, but he used to do a lot of seva.

So, Saligram Ji had a strong inclination for doing a lot of Seva Ji. And Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj would sit for meditation. So, on Sundays, then Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj would sit for meditation, and Saligram Ji would do Seva Ji.

In the ashram, there was a lack of fresh water and the river Jamuna was about one and a half kilometers away from the ashram. So, Saligram Ji would carry two buckets tied to a stick on his shoulders, and he would fetch sweet water from the Jamuna River. Saligram Ji was a brahmin. And the lanes through which he would go to fetch water, in those lanes, a lot of his family members would stay. So, he was a brahmin, and all his family members would criticize him for doing the devotion under a kshatriya, because Swami Ji Maharaj, by his caste, was a kshatriya. They would keep criticizing him. But, the more they would criticize him, the more love and affection he would have for doing his seva. They would criticize him whenever he would pass. But then, he would not listen to them.

This went on for a few months. Finally, they gave up. And when Saligram Ji would pass by their house, they would shut their doors and windows. So, Saligram Ji used to wonder about his relatives who were criticizing, why their doors were closed. “Perhaps they don't know that I'm passing by.” So, he started wearing these dancer’s anklets, which make a sound when someone walks. He would wear that, and then, he would go in those lanes, carrying the water. When he would make that sound outside the door when he passed, people would wonder who has come, which eunuch, or someone like that, has come outside and is dancing? (Because, in India, you have eunuchs who come and dance like that.)

People, who were there, his relatives, would open the door and see. When they would see that it was Saligram, they got more angry. And they felt, “He has eaten food from the kshatriya, and it has completely corrupted his mind.” So, they criticized him even more.

Now, whatever criticism he would get, he would do his seva that much more lovingly for his Master. So, that way, Saligram Ji used to do seva. He had an inclination to do more of seva. And, likewise, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj was more inclined toward sitting for Simran and Dhyan.

Once it so happened that, from one side, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj came, and from the other side, Saligram Ji came. And they came to know that Swami Ji Maharaj was not meeting anyone, and he had closed the door, and he was sitting in meditation for three days. Swami Ji Maharaj had warned His sevadars and instructed them, “Nobody should knock at my door or disturb me. And, for three days, I will be sitting in meditation with my room locked.”

So, both of them, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj and Saligram Ji, were wanting to meet and take the Darshan of their Master, but there was this sevadar who was sitting outside the door. And the door was locked from inside.

While they were waiting then, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj sat down for meditation. Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj sat for meditation and he decided that he would not go for his work till he gets the Darshan of his Master. So, as and when that door would open, he would take the Darshan.

Meanwhile, Saligram Ji, of course, did not sit there, but he went behind the house of Swami Ji Maharaj. So, Saligram Ji went behind the house to see if there was any window or some attic door open. For circulation of air, attics would have those windows, which were open. He decided to climb that house and go through that window inside. So, with the help of a rope, he climbed into the house. He got through that window, and then, climbed down. And then, he bowed down to Swami Ji Maharaj.

Now, when Swami Ji Maharaj opened His eyes, because of this, He hit him with two fists. He admonished him, and He shouted and scolded him. And, He said, “How did you come in, and who allowed you to come in? I had strictly warned that sevadar.”

So, He opened the door, and then He started shouting at that sevadar who had allowed this person inside.

That sevadar said, “I did not allow him inside. The door was always locked.”
Then Saligram Ji told Him how he had entered. He had gone through that attic, climbed up, and then, by throwing a rope, he had come inside.
So, He asked him why he had done this when there was instruction that nobody should come in.
Saligram Ji said, “I could not control myself. I wanted to have Your Darshan. It was not possible to wait for three days for Your Darshan. I had to do this.”
So, then Swami Ji Maharaj said, “It's okay.” He also gave Darshan to Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj.

Thereafter, they both happily went for their duties. So, that is how both of them were gurumukhs and they truly loved their Master. One would do seva, and he had pleased his Master by seva. And the other would do meditation.

So, this love that the disciple has for his Master gets the disciple closer to his Master, and he gets the Grace of the Master.

So, this atmosphere is good and it's quiet and we should make the most of it. We should close our eyes and sit for our meditation.