Meditation Talk 07 Jan 2017– Morning

From Early Childhood, The Masters Have Steered Towards Spirituality

ALL SPIRITUAL MASTERS, They have similar lives. From Their early childhood, They have an inclination towards spirituality. Only those souls, which are beyond                        Par Brahm, and They are connected with Sach Khand-Sat Lok, God Almighty gives Them the instructions to go back to this world.

Kal and Maya are limited up to Brahm. So, once the soul crosses Brahm, it goes to Par Brahm, it ceases to be within the realm of Kal and Maya, and all its karmas are redeemed. So, such souls, which are beyond Par Brahm, They come back into this world on the instructions of God Almighty.

These souls already have all these impressions and in this world, as soon as they get their Master, at the feet of their Master, they leave all of their belongings and everything that they have, and they get on this Path of spirituality. These souls also have the covering here of the body in the wheel of Kal and Maya when they come here, but when their Master gives them Their teachings, then those Teachings strike as arrows to them, and they are very quickly transformed. Then, they tread on the Path and instructions of their Master and face whatever difficulties may come their way. And they get their success very quickly on this Path.

When we tread this Path of spirituality, then the first thing that happens is, our own family members try to dissuade us. They try to tell us that we should be focusing our energies on our earnings, on getting a livelihood, and say we should not be engaging in practices of spirituality so early.

So, such Masters follow the instructions of Their Masters. And, whatever difficulties They face, whatever obstacles They face, They overcome those. Whatever difficulties They face, They are willing to overcome all of that. And, in this life, They get salvation quickly and get out of the realm of Kal.

Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj spent about ten years in the search of God Almighty. And when he met with                 Swami Ji Maharaj, he got his satisfaction, and he surrendered at the feet of Swami Ji Maharaj.

When he went to His ashram, he requested that he continue to stay there in the ashram itself. But, Swami Ji Maharaj told him that he should earn his livelihood.

So, on the instructions of his Master, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj joined the military in the Sikh regiment, and he continued there till retirement. But, while he was working there also, though it was very difficult in the army, and when all his other colleagues and friends would eat and go to sleep, he would take his blanket and go. He had dug a trench of around five feet. He would sit in that trench for meditation. He would take his blanket and put his rifle on the side, and sit there inside that trench in the night for meditation. He would sit there all night and then, in the morning, after a bath and his breakfast, he would attend to his duties. So, the whole day, he would carry out his duties. And, in the night, he would sit for meditation. In this way, with a lot of difficulty and hard work, he attained salvation.

We all have got initiation, very simply and straightforward, from the Masters. So, it is important for us to take Their Teachings and follow Their Teachings and do our Simran regularly.

So, it is morning time and it is quiet. And, a quiet time is good for the mind. We should make the most of this time and close our eyes and get connected with Simran.