Meditation Talk 07 Jan 2016– Afternoon

In Earlier Times, The Masters Would Test The Disciples To See Who Would Succeed Them

LIKE IN SANT MAT, there is importance of Satsang and Simran Bhajan, and there is a lot of importance given to seva also. So, these three measures have been adopted in Kali Yuga; Satsang, seva, and Simran Bhajan. When we do seva on the Path directed by the Masters, then the biggest benefit we get is, the ego that we have about ourselves, that diminishes. Because, if we do not reduce that ego, if we do not become humble and, while doing our meditation, if we do not do it with humility, then we will not be successful on the Path. So, therefore, a lot of importance is given to seva. And a lot of Saints have also become great Saints, because of the seva that They have done. So, seva is as important as Simran Bhajan, when we are on this Path.

Angad Dev Ji was a very well off person in the village, and he had his own shop. He used to often give donations to people, and he asked them to go and visit the deity and go on those pilgrimages to those deities. He would often give these donations and they would visit this goddess. It was a distance away.

So, on one occasion, he had given monies, and about twenty-five people had agreed to go together, and they were going to this goddess. On the way, Guru Nanak Sahib’s ashram was there. And, when they went, Angad Dev Ji heard the Satsang of Guru Nanak Ji and he was quite transformed. So, they stayed overnight at Guru Nanak's ashram, and Angad Dev Ji decided to continue to stay in the ashram.

So, the next day, when they woke up, he gave money to the rest of the people, and he said, “You go forward and visit the goddess and come back. And, while you are returning, I will join you. And then, we will go back to our village together.” And he was very much influenced by Guru Nanak Ji. He continued to stay in the ashram and do a lot of seva there.

So, when those people, his fellow villagers, came back after about twelve days, they asked him to then join them to go back.

His name then was Bhai Lena. So, he told them then that they should carry on. He wanted to continue staying at the ashram. So, he gave them more money to return and paid for their fare back to the village. And he continued to stay in the ashram and do the seva of Guru Nanak Ji.

On one occasion, Guru Nanak Ji and some of His followers, about four or five other devotees and Bhai Lena, they had gone out to some other village. Now, on the way, there was this ditch. It was a muddy ditch. There was no water, but it had soft soil. So, Nanak Ji said, “I cannot jump this five feet, so just look for some stones, some rocks, and keep that on the way so that I can step on them, and then crossover.”

So, the devotees started looking out for some stones to put in that soft soil. And, in Punjab, the soil is very fertile, so it is very difficult to get stones there. And they all went out in search, and Nanak Ji was standing there.

So, Bhai Lena was standing with Guru Nanak Ji, and they waited for about fifteen, twenty minutes for the other devotees to get the stones. But then, he could not stand this wait. So, what he did was, he laid flat on that ditch and he told Guru Nanak Ji to walk over him to the other side.

So, after Guru Nanak Ji crossed and went to the other side, Bhai Lena stood up, and when he stood up, Guru Nanak Ji embraced him. He hugged him and He said, “You are a part of my body.” ‘Ang’ is what we say in Hindi for ‘body’. So, that's how his name, from then onwards, became Angad Ji.

So, seva is a very important thing, and if we do seva with a right frame of mind, and we do it with devotion and love, then it gives us as much or more success as we get with Simran or Bhajan. So, while we are doing seva, we should not engage in slandering, or we should not pay attention to other things, and we should focus and do our seva with love and devotion. And, if we do that seva like that, then we get the full benefit of that seva. So, this is another Path of the Saints where, if Simran and Dhyan are not done, but devotees, with good intention and with pure minds have done their seva of the Masters, then they have been successful. And this is another Path, or another alternative, in Sant Mat.

So, the devotee, whom you see sitting here and talking, has also got all the Grace of the Masters only by seva. So, if I look back and think of the seva that was done, I shudder to think that I could do that kind of seva. And it is really the Guru only Who has got all the seva done. I used to walk around the periphery of the ashram, and guard the ashram boundary, and this would happen and continue all night. So, I would take those rounds. And then, early morning, I would have tea, and then Bernard also did seva with me, and we did seva together for about one and a half years. And, after this morning tea, then we would go into the fields and do the seva of farming there. And that would continue till about one o'clock.

And then, after lunch, only between 2:00 to 6:00, I would get to sleep, I would then take rest. So then, at six o'clock, perforce, I had to go to the langar to take tea because, in those days, they did not allow tea to be handed to anybody else to be given to other sevadars.

So, Satsang would start at seven o'clock, and Baba Ji had instructed that I should not sit for Satsang and that I should go and do seva in the field of coconuts. And that was about one and a half kilometers away. During that time then, I would go there and do seva there.

So, while the Satsang would go on, I would go and guard the coconut farm there because, in those days, there was a lot of theft that used to happen. So, by doing that seva, in about one and a half years time only, I got the Grace of the Master, and the attention of the soul started retracting. So, I used to do the seva of guarding in the night. And when we would walk on the periphery of the ashram, I would continue to do Simran all night long. So, that is how I could do good Simran, while I did that seva. And then, at three o'clock, there were about fourteen foreigners who were there at the ashram, including Bernard, Dominique, the Pauls, there were two Pauls, and then, Christopher and the others. So then, I would ring the bell and wake them up, and then they would prepare tea. Then, we would have tea and sit for meditation.

So, all these foreigners also had a lot of seva. They did a lot of seva and they also stayed for six months in the ashram. And, after six months, then they would go back to their respective countries. So, they also used to do a lot of seva then. Seva is nothing less than Simran and Bhajan. And, by doing seva, we immediately get rid of our karmas, our burden is reduced by doing seva.

So, therefore, Saints have kept these three things: Satsang, seva, and Dhyan Bhajan. Sit for Simran Bhajan. All these three things are very important. So, if we do not get the opportunity to physically do seva of the Guru, then we should follow His instructions. So, the Masters instruct us to do meditation for two and a half hours. That is also seva. So, we should do that.

So, this time is good and the ambience is quiet. The atmosphere is quiet. We should close our eyes and sit for our meditation.