Meditation Talk 07 Jan 2016– Morning

Devotees Of God Almighty Do Their Simran Continuously Without A Break

IN DEVOTION TO GOD ALMIGHTY, it is not humans alone that are devotees. There are other animals, birds, and other species, who are also devotees and pray to God Almighty.

THIS IS AN INCIDENT from the life of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. Once, he was going to take the Darshan of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj in Beas. So, when he was going there, he got off the station, and there he met a Father of a church. That Father asked Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, “Tell me, who is bigger? Who is greater? Is it Jesus Christ, or is it Guru Nanak Ji, or is it Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj?”

Once upon a time, there was Musa who was a devotee of God Almighty and he would often converse with God Almighty. He once asked God Almighty whether there were others devoted to God Almighty.

So, God told him, “It is not only humans. It is also in other species that I have devotees.” So, God told him, “About ten kilometers away there is a big banyan tree, and on that tree, there is a bird.” So, He gave him the directions to go to that tree. And He said, “There is a devotee there. You can go and see that.”

So, Musa went there and he found that tree. It was a big banyan tree, and there was this bird sitting on one of the branches with its eyes closed. There was a small pond of water about two furlongs away from where that bird was perched, where that bird used to go to drink water. So, Musa addressed that bird and said that “God Almighty has sent me and I have come here to see you. Please let me know if there's something that I can do for you.”

So, the bird told him, “This pond of water, which is there two furlongs away, if you can shower your grace and bring that pond closer to me, then that will help me. Because, whenever I go to drink water, my Simran of God Almighty breaks. And when it comes closer, I will be able to close my eyes and continue to do Simran, and also drink water without any break of Simran.”

So, Musa told him, “It is not possible to get the pond up because it needs land and you are perched on a branch above on that tree. I cannot bring the water to you that close, where you can drink it without a break of Simran.”

So, the bird told him, “Then there is nothing else that I need. I have no other problems, so you can leave.”

Musa was shocked to see how devoted that bird was, that it was so worried to break its Simran for going and drinking water. And that was the only thing that it required. He felt that this is a bird, which is so devoted to God Almighty, and we humans waste so much time.

We don't do Simran for hours, days together, and we are not bothered. So, he was quite shocked to see the devotion of this bird.

Devotees of God Almighty continue their Simran without any break. And they are very unhappy when that Simran breaks. So, the first step on the Path of Spirituality is Simran. We should keep doing our Simran to make our mind pure. We do Simran and we do Dhyan, but Dhyan is more difficult, because the Form of the Master is very pure, and our mind is impure. And, therefore, the Form, which is pure, cannot come into an impure place. It is Simran that cleanses that mind and makes it pure to receive that Form of the Master. So, we should do our Simran nevertheless.

And, even if there is darkness inside, we should continue to do our Simran. As we keep gradually doing the Simran, our mind will become purer and purer and more tender. And, as it becomes pure, the Master will definitely grace us, and He will definitely show the Form within.

So, with the mind becoming purer, our faculty of contemplating inside also becomes purer and, therefore, the Form of the Master, when we contemplate the Form of the Master, will come and stay for a longer time. When we contemplate the Form of the Master, even if it is not continuous, it comes and goes, we should continue to do our Simran. And as we keep on doing our Simran and the mind becomes purer, that Form will become more steady.

The Master is within. He is not away from us. And He will definitely grace us at the appropriate time. So, when we try to contemplate the Form of the Master, we should contemplate the Form of the Master where we have seen Him earlier, where we have life experiences, where we have seen the Master in His physical body.

And if we are unable to do this contemplation of the Form of the Master, or we are not able to have a very clear picture of the Master when we try to contemplate on His Form, then we should not resort to practices of going and seeing a photograph, or other outside pictures, or things like that, to improve our form of contemplation.

We should continue to try and remember only those instances where we have seen Him before in His physical body.

Even when we listen to Satsang, and we see the videos, and we see our Master in the videos, or we read books, we see those photos, we should not contemplate those pictures or those forms.

When we listen to Satsangs like that, and we are watching the video, it is okay to see the video and listen to the Satsang with full devotion. There is nothing wrong with that. It is only when we sit for meditation and when we start contemplating the Form of the Master within, at that time, we should not visualize the picture that we have seen on a video or outside. It is only the Form that we remember, the memory that we have of the Master within when we have seen Him in life.

Initiates of Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj and Baba Somanath Ji, they have not seen their Masters since 1974, when Kirpal Singh Ji left His body. And Somanath Baba Ji left His body in 1976. So, it's been very long since they met or saw their Masters. And it may be difficult for them to visualize or contemplate on the Form of the Master. They may not get to see the full Form of the Master within. But they should not get disheartened. They should continue to do Simran as their Masters are within. And we should focus on the Simran, and the Form will come of its own.

So, the ambiance and weather are very good, and our mind is very quiet. We should use this time to close our eyes and do meditation.