Meditation Talk 07 August 2017– Afternoon

Sahaj Yoga— A Six-Year-Old Child Can Do This And A Hundred-Year-Old Person Can Also Do This

SWAMI JI MAHARAJ, IN HIS BANI, has said, "Kal, in these three worlds, has done this creation and he has entangled these souls. How should I explain to you as to what are all the things he has done to entangle these souls?"

All the measures that were there for salvation in the earlier yugas, He has brought those in the Kali Yuga and he has made those look like the measures of salvation in this yuga. Ashtanga Yoga and pranayamas, these were different measures for the soul to retract within. But one had to maintain control over food and he had to be celibate for doing that.

In Sat Yuga, the life of a human being was one hundred thousand years and he had the power of a thousand elephants. So, in that period, it was easy to maintain that celibacy and do these kinds of practices.

In the Treta Yuga, life expectancy was reduced and that became ten thousand years and the power of a human being was reduced to a hundred elephants. Even then there was a lot of strength in the human beings and they could maintain fasting and do their pranayamas.

In the Dwapar Yuga, the life expectancy was reduced to a thousand years and the power of a human was reduced to one elephant. Even then there was enough to do the pranayamas and maintain celibacy and do that.

In the Kali Yuga, now the life expectancy has been reduced to one hundred years only and we all know what kind of powers we have now. And the other thing that has happened is all of us are now dependent on food, which was not there earlier. So, the entire dependence is on food. If we do not eat then we are unable to continue our existence. In the Kali Yuga now the mind has become weaker and the power of the human being also has become weaker. It is not possible to remain on a fast and maintain celibacy and do pranayamas as people did in the earlier yugas.

So, Saints have adopted a very simple mechanism to do this. Even a six-year-old child can do this and a hundred-year-old person can also do this. It is called Sahaj Yoga. It is very simple and anyone can do it.

In early morning, wherever they are staying in their respective places they can sit and they have to focus at the Eye Center and do their Simran and contemplate on the Form of the Master. And as the meditation continues and it is done regularly and the karmas get reduced as a result of that, then the attention of the soil automatically starts focusing within and they can say that their journey of spirituality starts.

So, Masters say, “You should listen to Satsang every day and you should do your practice every day.” It is important to do both these things regularly, listening to Satsang and doing your practice. Then, Masters say, “You will definitely get progress on this Path."

So, the atmosphere is good. We should make the most of this and we should close our eyes and sit for meditation.