Meditation Talk - 07 August 2017- Morning

When We Call Out To God Almighty, He Definitely Listens

GOD ALMIGHTY HAS BEEN LOVINGLY CALLED with many names by different Masters and, earlier on this Path, the SantMat was also called with different names. God was called Anaami. He was called SatNaam. And Guru Arjan Dev Ji has more than nearly thirteen hundred names in His Banis when He has addressed God Almighty. So, lovingly, when we call out to God Almighty, He definitely listens with whatever name you call Him. If you call out lovingly, He will listen to you. So, if we have true longing, and we have a pang of separation from God Almighty then, with whatever name we call Him, He will definitely listen to your call out to Him.

The Masters have sung the praise of Naam. Naam has great importance, but this naam is different. There are nearly seven croremantras, which have been written or have been referred to by different munis and rishis and by different people. These seven croremantras that are there, they are there for each of the deities, each of the gods and goddesses that are there in heaven.

Now, when we utter these mantras, or we follow these mantras, or recite these mantras regularly, we cannot get salvation because of that, but we definitely get some benefit, some earthly benefit with that, when we please those gods or goddesses. And if we are very resolved in those utterances of those mantras and we do it very devotedly and lovingly, then we may even get a place in heaven as a result of uttering those mantras. But, we do not get salvation. So, we do not get salvation with those mantras. We may get worldly or material things. We may get the riches. We may get prestige in life. We may get importance in life and we will be well off, but we will not get salvation without the Grace of the Masters.

When God Almighty sees that a person has a very great longing for meeting God Almighty but he may not have the Path or he may not have the Naam of the Masters, God Almighty Himself makes that Path available to such pure souls who are in pursuit of trying to meet God Almighty.

If we look at the example of Namdev, he used to recite and follow Vishnu and Vithal. So, in fact, Vithal himself showed him the path to a true Master and that's how he got his initiation and got his salvation.

So, it is our love, our devotion, and our longing to meet God Almighty that drives us towards the Masters. Masters then seek out these people and They show them the Path and take them to God Almighty.

Mostly, the progress on the Path is where the people who are following this, they have been otherwise devoted in their earlier life, or as part of their earlier being where they have been devoted to various gods and goddesses and they have had a longing to meet God Almighty. So, it is such progressive devotedness towards gods, goddesses and to seek the God Almighty, or they probably sometimes get the Satsang of a Master. Very rarely does a person directly come within the influence of the Master and straightaway comes on the Path. Usually, these impressions are built over a period of time where they are devoted in their previous lives, or otherwise, and they have been praying to gods and goddesses. When such people who are devoted to gods or goddesses come in the contact of a Master, they come and listen to the Satsang, then that Satsangleaves a big impression that is immediately created on such people, and that brings about a very radical transformation quite immanently in such people.

On the other hand, there are people who have no devotion, who have no love for God Almighty. Now, such people, even if they sit for Satsang for several years and they listen to Satsangs again and again, there will be no change in such people.

So, we are all indeed very fortunate that we have got the company of the Masters and we have the Grace of the Masters. So, we should use this Grace of the Masters and focus inwards, do our meditation, do our Naam and Simran. And while we do our daily work when we go back home and we carry on our worldly activities, we do that as a duty to our Master and we focus and keep our focus within.

So, the atmosphere is very good and we should make the most of this. Let us close our eyes and sit for meditation.