Meditation Talk 07 August 2016 – Afternoon

The Day Has Begun, So You Should Now Wake Up!

THE BANI, WHICH WAS JUST SUNG, ‘Ute Jag Musaphir Bhor Bhai’, the Saints have a lot of meaning in these Banis.

The human form is given after millions of years that we traverse through the other chaurasi, through other 8.4 million life forms, and that is akin to the daytime. And the journey through the life forms of all of the other species is akin to the nighttime.

All of the five elements are there in the human form. The ether element is there, which is the element that is in the human forms, but not there in the other life forms. And God Almighty is also residing in this life form, and He has kept the Path to come back to him, for the soul, in this life form. That way, God Almighty resides in all the bodies, because wherever the soul is, the God Almighty is there. But, the Path for the soul to go back to God Almighty is kept only in the human body. So, this human life is, therefore, like the day, and once this day passes and night falls, then we go into the chaurasi, we go into the 8.4 million life forms. Then, we never know when we will get this opportune time again as a human being.

So, it is in this life form that we should work for our salvation to get out of this cycle of life and death. Because, if this day passes, then we go into the night again. Therefore, Mahatmas say, “The day has begun, so you should now wake up!” But, most people are ignorant about this and they sleep through this life form, as they have been sleeping in the other life forms. And this very precious opportunity passes them by.

Mahatmas, in this Bani, have said, “When the birds have eaten all of your fields and your harvest, then there is no point in holding your head.” Then, you will not be able to harvest and get the grains, because the birds have already eaten those. So, in order to get those grains and harvest, we should have taken care of them. We should have stood guard and protected them from the birds and other animals from eating those. Because, if we stand guard to the field and we protect the field, then we definitely will get the benefit, and we will be able to harvest those grains and take them home.

So, we have been given this wonderful opportunity. We have to do our Bhajan Simran in this lifetime, and we have to do our devotion to God Almighty and work for our salvation to get out of this cycle of life and death. Otherwise, the time of our life is taken away by the animals and birds of the lust, greed, attachment, ego. They eat away our precious time.

So, therefore, Mahatmas say, “Be awake and protect your time. Do the devotion of your Masters and do your Bhajan Simran.”

So, this time is good. We should make use of this time. Let's close our eyes and sit for our Simran and Dhyan.