Meditation Talk - 07 August 2016 - Morning

There Are Two Gods

ONCE UPON A TIME, this is an incident of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, he and Kehar Singh, Kehar Singh was a friend of his and they were working in the same office. At 5:30 pm, when the office closed, people gradually left the office, but Kehar Singh continued to work. So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had a lot of work. At 5:30 pm, when everybody left, he was continuing to work. And, after some time, Kehar Singh, his friend, came and told him, “Let us also leave.”

Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj told him, “Just give me ten minutes. I’ll just complete it and then we can leave.”

Kehar Singh told him, “Leave it. God will do that work.”

So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj told him, “Which God will do this?”

Kehar Singh had got initiation from Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj, so when Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj told him this, he wondered, because all along he knew there was only one God. So, he said, “Why are you saying this? Are there two Gods?”

Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj said, “Yes, there are two Gods.”

That is where the discussion ended and, then, they left. But, this thing was playing on the mind of Kehar Singh, that Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had told him there are two Gods. So, he kept thinking and he was remembering his own Master also. But, this thought was playing on his mind. And, that way, he went to sleep.

In his dreams, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj came. So, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj explained to him in his dreams, “There are two Gods. One is this god, the Brahm, who is responsible for the working of all these worlds, and one is the God Almighty.”

So, the next day morning, when they were at work, during a tea break, again, when they got together to talk, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj asked him, “Yesterday, you didn't speak further on that question.”

He said, “No, I got the Master. The Master explained everything to me.”

So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj asked him, “What did Master tell you?”

He said, “He told me that one God is Kal, whose creation this is. And the other is Dayal, Who is God Almighty.”

So, all the Saints, They pray to Dayal, the Father of all the souls, the Anaami, and the Nameless. Kal is responsible for this creation. He did his austerities and then he got souls given to him by God Almighty, by Dayal. So, he has got a vast number of souls that were given to him by God Almighty, by Dayal. But, he himself has not created these souls. And, he himself cannot do anything to these souls. So, all the worldly people normally pray to Kal, as he is the creator of these three worlds.

But, Saints pray to Dayal. So, on the Path of Surat Shabd, we go to God Almighty, Who is Dayal.

Saints come into this world to take the souls back to their True Home. And by doing some Simran Bhajan, the souls go back on this Path to their own True Home, to their Father.

So, this time is good. It is quiet. The ambience is good for the mind. The mind is quiet. So, let us all sit for meditation.