Meditation Talk - 07 August 2015 - Morning

Swami Ji’s Parents Get The Blessing Of The Birth Of A Great Mahatma

TULSI SAHIB JI USED TO OFTEN go to the house of Swami Ji Maharaj. In Agra, Swami Ji Maharaj’s parents were the disciples of Tulsi Sahib. So, He used to often visit that house.

In those days, ladies used to wear khadi kurtas or khadi saaris. So, it was the month of May, it was quite hot. And He had a disciple called Girdhari Lal with Him. When people came to know that He had come to their house, they all left their work and all of them gathered to meet Him. When they came to meet Him, they were sweating, because it was very hot. And there was a slight stink from the clothes.

So, Ghirdari Lal told them that, “Sit at a little distance, because all of you are stinking.”

But Tulsi Sahib smiled and told Ghirdari Lal that, “You can only smell the stink from their clothes, but can you not smell the fragrance of their love?” So, He said that “You should never disrespect the love and affection that they have because they left everything and they came as it is.”

Now, He blessed them. And it was with His blessings that Swami Ji Maharaj was born in that family.

So, He told them that, “There will be a great Mahatma Who will be born here.” And, accordingly, Swami Ji Maharaj was born there.

He was very young, Swami Ji Maharaj, when he got initiated by Tulsi Sahib Ji. He was only six years old and very childlike also. But Tulsi Sahib initiated him at that age and Swami Ji Maharaj followed the instructions of Tulsi Sahib, and he meditated until the age of eighteen. And he would eat only roti and then carry on with his meditation and devotion. So, he did his devotion in seclusion in a hut and he used to eat this roti.

After the age of eighteen, he came back to the regular routine. His father was a very wealthy person and he used to lend monies at interest to various people.

So, when Swami Ji Maharaj came back, he pronounced that, “Look, all the people whom we have lent to, they can, if they feel and if it is possible, pay back our money. Or, at the end of six months, we will forgo all the loans that we have given to everybody.”

So, with whatever money that people paid from whoever decided to pay back, with that money, he bought an orchard and that is the ‘SwamiBhag’ of today. He planted mango trees there. And that is ‘Swami Bhag’.

Such Souls come into this world. They are ready and They are already connected within. It is on the instructions of the God Almighty that They take birth to direct all the other lost souls and show them the Path.

So, morning is a good time, because in the morning the mind is quiet. And a quiet mind is good for meditation. So, we should use this time to sit for our Dhyan and Simran.