Meditation Talk - 06 Jan 2017- Afternoon

You Have To Do Hard Work And Be Persistent In That, Just Like For Any Other Worldly Thing We Want To Achieve

SWAMI JI MAHARAJ WAS A TEACHER of Radhaswami. practice. He also sat in a dark room for almost eighteen years and sat for meditation there. He was initiated at an early age.

At the age of six, Tulsi Sahib had initiated him. He was a ready soul with past impressions. However, to show everybody that, on this Path, one has to practice, He did this devotion and practice for eighteen years, and He used to eat only dry rotis and do His practice. During his time, Agra people were all doing outward rituals, so He started the preaching of Sant Mat. It was difficult in those days to explain this Path to all such people who were doing all these outward rituals.

So, all the Banis of Swami Ji Maharaj have been written around that time. These Banis have been written, actually, by His Gurumukh disciple, Saligram Ji.

Saligram Ji, he was at a very high post. He was the Postmaster General of Uttar Pradesh, and he used to stay there in Agra. And he has written all of these Banis.

A lot of the Sant Mat spread after Swami Ji Maharaj when Saligram Ji was there and after that.

Masters say that, for attaining and being successful on this Path, you have to do your meditation. You have to do hard work and be perseverant in that, just like for any other worldly thing that we want to achieve, we spend a lot of time and we keep that as an aim or objective and we work towards that.

Similarly, we have to do that on this Path also. And, we need to have love and devotion at the Feet of the Master. Until, at such time that we develop this, it will be difficult to improve in our Simran and Bhajan.

The mind tends to tilt towards where its love and affection is, and our minds are having their love and affection towards all worldly matters and outside attachments. And, therefore, when we sit for meditation also, the mind tends to run towards those attachments.

When we listen to satsangs with love and affection, and we do our Simran, then the mind, gradually, starts getting focused within and starts getting cut off from worldly matters. And, gradually, that love and affection for the Master starts improving, and then, our Simran and Bhajan also starts improving.

So, every day, we should sit for our Simran, Dhyan, and Bhajan. We should not look at this meditation as a burden. We should do it lovingly. When we keep doing it like this, we will definitely be successful one day. The Master is within and He will definitely grace us.

So, the time is good. The atmosphere is quiet and we should make the most of this. We should close our eyes and get connected with Simran and Dhyan.