Meditation Talk - 06 Jan 2017- Morning

Whatever Experiences You Get, You Should Digest It, And You Should Keep It To Yourself

IN PUNJAB, BEAS, Sawan Singh Ji’s one disciple, Bhai Wazira, was a Muslim, but he was a very devout devotee and disciple of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, and he used to spend a lot of time in meditation. And, as a result, his attention focused within and he manifested the Radiant Form of his Master within. So, once, he got into this state, he was seeing his Master everywhere. And then, outside, he would go and hug, embrace a tree, and say this, “Master, you are standing here.” If some cow would be brought in the ashram, he would hug that cow and say, “Master, where have you come from?” So, even if some village dog would come, or pass by, he would hug that dog and say, “Master, where are you going? Where have you come from?” So, that way, he used to see the Master everywhere.

Now, seeing his behavior like this, some of the sevadars in the ashram complained to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. When they complained to Maharaj, He said, “Oh, is it so?” And then, after that, immediately, all the experiences of Bhai Wazira stopped.

So, he tried a lot to sit for meditation. The whole night he would sit for meditation, but his soul would not go within. And, he became very sad as a result. He stopped eating and drinking also. And he was continuously sitting in meditation, hoping that he would, again, regain those experiences. But, nothing happened like that.

About twenty, twenty-five days passed by like this, and he was just drinking water and he was reduced to simply bones. People were worried that he would live no longer like this.

So, the sevadars went to two of the disciples of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj. And, they requested those disciples to go and speak to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, as He was their brother-disciple of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj. They felt that, if they request, perhaps Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj would listen. So, they asked them to request that Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj shower His Grace on Bhai Wazira.

So, they also saw Bhai Wazira, and they also felt pity for him. And, they said, “Okay, we will talk to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj tomorrow.”

The next morning, they went for Darshan, and the two of them were old people. And, they bowed down to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, and then, they both requested Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. So, they bowed down at His feet, and they said, “Please, forgive.” Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj asked them, “What is there to forgive you for?” They said, “No, it is not forgiving us, it is forgiving Bhai Wazira.” They told him of the plight of Bhai Wazira, that he was not eating anything and, if this continues, then he might not live longer like this. So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj extended His Mercy and He felt merciful for Bhai Wazira and asked him to come.

Bhai Wazira came and bowed down to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. And then, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj told him, “What you have done is wrong. You should not show off your experiences. Whatever experiences you get, you should digest it, and you should keep it to yourself.”

So, Bhai Wazira pleaded mercy.
And then, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj told him, “Okay, you sit for meditation now.”
So, after that, again, he got the experiences, his soul's attention went within. And he, again, got the same experience. He manifested the Radiant Form of the Master within. And, thereafter, he stopped talking to anybody, fearing that he should not show his experience or anything. So, the people started calling him ‘Moni’ Wazira. Moni is a person who doesn't speak.

When we sit for meditation and we get experiences, we see some light within, or we get some experience in our meditation, we should not share that and talk about it with others.

So, it is a good time. It's a quiet time. We should close our eyes and sit for meditation.