Meditation Talk - 06 Jan 2016- Afternoon

IT IS THE NATURE OF THE MIND that, whatever it thinks on, or whatever it tries to repeat or do Simran of, it contemplates or envisages that within itself.

At the Eye Center where the mind is situated, there are four parts to it. It is manas (our thoughts or wishes or intentions or resolutions), buddhi (our intellect), chit (our faculty of imaging or visualizing within at the Eye Center), and ahmamkar (our association with that particular thought).

So, the mind throws up an idea. Once that idea is thrown up, or the mind thinks up a thought, the second faculty, which is the intellect, starts thinking about that thought. And the third faculty immediately pictures or visualizes that thought. So, as soon as we picture the thought, or contemplate that thought, we immediately start associating with what we are thinking and what we are imagining, or what we are contemplating on. That is the fourth faculty. So, that way, the mind is now completely outwardly focused. It is constantly thinking about external things, and it is associating with that. And it is also contemplating on everything that is external.

The way to make it inwardly focused is to repeat the Naam, the Simran, given to us, and contemplating the Form of the Master at the Eye Center. It is the law of nature that, whatever we contemplate on, we end up becoming that. So, there is no point contemplating on a form, which is lower than a human being.

We are made of five elements. If we contemplate something like a deity that is stone, that has only one element. So, that way, if we contemplate anything, which is of a lesser number of elements, then we end up going into that form after our death.

On the other hand, we have not seen God Almighty. So, it is not possible for us to visualize, or contemplate, on God Almighty. We can only contemplate something that we have seen, and it is the Form of the Master Whom we have seen. We should make use of this precious life given in this physical form to us. We should contemplate on the Master, as we have seen Him.

Like iron cuts iron, it is necessary for us to use the current faculties of the mind in this physical body to overcome the shortcomings of the mind. So, therefore, we have to use something, which we can visualize and contemplate. And, therefore, we contemplate on the Form of the Master within, because the Master is connected within to God Almighty by the Grace of His Master.

By contemplating on the Form of the Master, even our mind becomes purer, our thought processes become much purer, and that helps us to go within.

Therefore, till we manifest the Radiant Form of the Master within, we have to contemplate on the physical form of the Master that we have seen, or met, or the experience that we have had with the Master, and we contemplate that till such time.

But because our mind is impure and it is outwardly focused, we are not able to continuously contemplate on that Form of the Master. It keeps coming and it keeps going from time to time.

But, it is prohibited to contemplate on a photograph of a Master. So, we should contemplate only our memories of a Living Master Whom we have experienced in our lifetime. We should not use the photographs of that Living Master and try to contemplate on a photograph because that again is not the Real Master. It is, again, of an inferior element. And once we contemplate on something like that, it is on the physical side, and it will not be able to interact with us when we get connected with it.

So, therefore, in Sant Mat, the practice is to repeat the Five Holy Names and contemplate on the Form of the Master. These Five Holy Names are the Names of the Lords of the planes within. And They have never incarnated and come into this world. They're very pure. And by taking and repeating Their Name, our mind becomes purer.

So, by repeating Their Names, the mind becomes purer, our karmas, our deeds, are redeemed as a result. And, as our deeds get redeemed, the mind gets purer and calmer, and we experience peace and happiness.

The mind is not used to doing the Simran. And the mind is continuously used to doing the repetition of worldly things and desires and trying to fulfill those. So, it is important for us to continuously do the Simran so that the mind gets inwardly focused. Though, initially, it is tough for getting the mind on this Path and to make it repeat these Holy Names. But, gradually, as we keep doing this, the mind slowly gets more and more attracted on this side, and then there is a point where the mind itself starts automatically repeating the Holy Names.

So, in such a situation, even when we are talking to somebody, the mind is continuously at the back, repeating the Holy Names. And when we are in such a state, the attention of the soul starts retracting to the Eye Center.

So, Simran and Dhyan (the contemplation of the Master within), these are the only things that can get us to clear the nine doors and get the attention of the soul focused at the Eye Center. Once we get there, then the Radiant Form of the Master manifests within. And once the Radiant Form of the Master has manifested inside, then that Form never leaves us. And, whenever we want, we can close our eyes and then, within a few seconds, we can meet with and talk to the Radiant Form.

Therefore, there is more and more need for us to do our Simran. The faster we do our Simran, and the more we repeat, and the more we are involved in Simran, the quicker we will get our success. The slower we do this, and the slower we repeat, it will take us longer to achieve this.

So, the atmosphere is good. We should make the most of it, and we should close our eyes and get connected with Simran and the contemplation of the Master within.