Meditation Talk 06 August 2017– Afternoon

One Should Not Ask ‘Creed Or Religion’ — The One Who Wants To Be Of God Almighty Will Be Of God Almighty

GOD CREATED THIS WORLD and there was no caste or creed or race, there were just humans and all were equal. He just created a male and a female and the rest have all been created by us.

About six hundred, six hundred fifty years back, there was no Sikhism. Guru Nanak Sahib came and then after that, there were nine patshahis. And then Sikhism started after that.

Likewise, there were no Muslims, and after Mohammed Sahib came, the Muslims as a religion started.

Now, it is 2017, so even Christianity was not there before two thousand seventeen years ago.

Even the Buddha religion was not there. It was after Buddha that the Buddhist religion started.

So, all these have been made by us. God has not made all these religions. All these religions are a big impediment on our Spiritual Path. And Masters say, "One should not ask ‘creed or religion’. The one who wants to be of God Almighty will be of Almighty."

We have to rise above our religion in order to be successful on the Path of Spirituality. If we carry a religion with us and we want to pursue the Path of Spirituality, that is not going to be possible. Those who have loved God Almighty and who have done their devotion to God Almighty, that person of any creed, or caste, or religion, if he has had devotion and has had love for God Almighty and has sought God Almighty, he has been able to go to God Almighty.

All these religions and casteism and all of that is limited to this body. Once a person dies, he has to carry only his burden of karmas and his deeds and then he has to go to the Lord of Judgment.

Now, the Lord of judgment does not ask him whether he is a brahmin or whether he is of a lower caste or anything. There he only asks one question. That is, "If this precious human birth was given to you, this human life was given to you, what have you done in that human life?"

There, if someone has done a lot of sin, he gets a punishment for that. And if he has done devotion or if he has done good deeds, then he gets the fruit of that. So, those who have donated in this life and who have done a little bit of devotion, they get the benefit. So, that soul will only get the benefit in future lives.

Those who have done tapas but have not been successful in the tapas but they have, nevertheless, done a lot of tapas, such people are given birth as ministers or of stately duties. They have higher positions in the society or they are rich businessmen.

So, if someone has been doing tapas on Lord Shiva and he has been doing his austerity on that and if it is successful and Lord Shiva is pleased, he gives him an abode in Kailash. Likewise, if someone is doing tapas seeking LordVishnu, then he gets Vaikuntha. Or, if someone else is doing some other mantras, or some other deities, they get the heaven. So, everyone gets the redemption of their karmas accordingly.

If someone has sinned and he has done bad deeds then, after this birth, he is given birth as a tree, or is given birth as an insect, or as an animal, and then he has to suffer these sins that he has done.

Now, once we have come into this world and we are living in this world, we have to be under the realm of karmas, because Kal has created this world, which is based on karmas. So, it is not possible for us to not do any karma. So, if we do our deeds or we do our karmas without the aspiration of a fruit or a result of that karma, that is how we should do these karmas. But, if we have our desires around the karmas, if we have an aspiration for getting some benefit out of a good deed that we are doing, then we have to come back into this world and take the benefit of that good deed that we have done. But we will have to come back again in this world.

We have to do deeds without that aspiration of getting fruits out of those deeds. That is nish-kam. Because any other aspiration around any deed that we do is going to result in us coming back to redeem that deed. So, we should rise above all these things around us, all these religions, castes, creeds, etc., and we should spend as much time doing our Simran and Bhajan and following the Path of the Master as possible.

So, the atmosphere is good and we should make the most of this. We should close our eyes and now sit for meditation.