Meditation Talk - 06 August 2017- Morning

Collect The Wealth Of Naam...That Is One Wealth, Which No One Can Take Away From You

IN KALI YUGA, SAINTS HAVE ADOPTED three practices for the salvation of the soul. One is Satsang. The second is seva. And the third is BhajanSimran.

The first is Satsang. By going in a Satsang and listening to the Satsang we understand the reality. We understand the truth and are able to discern between duality. Before we come to the Satsang we are not even aware of the importance of this human life. We believe that this human life has just been given to us for enjoyment and for living and taking care of our loved ones and doing our work, etc. We do not understand the importance and the preciousness of this life that has been given to us. One thing that we have not been able to do in any of the previous lives and in all the other life forms is the salvation of the the soul. And it is only in this human life that the salvation of the soul is possible.

When we are going back and forth in the 8.4 million life forms and we are full of sorrow in that and there is deep suffering in those life forms, God Almighty graces us and He feels merciful and He gives us this opportunity of a few years as a human being. And He gives us this opportunity to get salvation and out of this pain and suffering. He sits and resides within this human form and the entire Creation of His with a Path to go back to Him, all of that is contained within this human life form. And the essential element, which is ether, which is there only in the human form, is also there for us to be able to do that devotion.

For daily needs to be taken care of, even the lower forms do that, even the animals and birds take care of themselves. They also feed their young ones and take care of themselves. For that, if we have to spend the whole human life, it is not effectively doing justice to this precious opportunity that has been given to us. If we look at the animals, they do not have such advanced tools like our hands that have been given to the human being. And they don't have big bank balances to take care of their loved ones. However, they do everything that is necessary to take good care of their young ones and themselves. God Almighty has created this human form as per His own Creation. He has given the form His Creation and He resides within. When the soul has gone through the deep suffering of all the earlier 8.4 million life forms and it has been given by Mercy this opportunity of redeeming itself and getting salvation, it is with His Mercy that this form has been given to us.

This is a very, very precious opportunity that has been given to us and we have this treasure of breaths.

Kabir Sahib says, "With each breath, you are losing the value of three worlds." That is the value of each breath that we are wasting and we are using these breaths to carry out such mundane activities around us and we are throwing away these precious jewels that have been given to us.

The only person who is happy is a person who has collected that treasure of Naam, who has used these breaths and this life to collect that treasure of Naam. He is the one truly happy person. All the other persons are people who are in sorrow, who are sad. Whether it be a king or whether it be a pauper or any person. Everyone else is sad. It is only the person who collects Naam who is a happy person. It is only with Naam that we are able to develop that contentment within and we are able to kill all our desires. It is only that contentment which gives us this pleasure and keeps us happy. However wealthy a person may be if he is not content he is going to be unhappy — like even the king who has everything but he is unhappy because he wants more.

So, we should spend our time collecting that wealth of Naam. That is one wealth, which no one can take away from you. Thieves cannot steal it from you. Your dear ones cannot take it from you. That is one wealth which will stay with you now and even after this life.

So, this atmosphere is good and we should make the most of it. Let us close our eyes and sit for meditation.