Meditation Talk - 06 August 2016 - Morning

The Grace Of The Master Is The Highest Form Of Grace In This Universe

THE BHAJAN THAT WAS JUST SUNG, “Guru Saman Nahi Data Jag Me, Guru Saman Nahi Data”, says that there is no one having so much Grace as the Master. Not only in this world, but in all the worlds and the entire Creation.

All the gods and goddesses, even Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, they also shower their grace, they also give boons, but all that they give are worldly things, things that the mind wants and, at best, they will give a place of stay in Kailash, or their abode in heaven, but they cannot take the soul out of this cycle.

Only the True Master can take a soul out of the cycle of life and death because, in terms of boons that are given, or grace that is showered, the highest is the grace of Naam.

There are a lot of sacrifices we make — like we donate cows, or we donate clothes, or we donate monies — and, as a result, we get a boon, or we get the grace of gods. But, nothing is as high as the grace of Naam given by the Master.

Only a True Master gives the grace of Naam very selflessly and without any expectation of anything reciprocal from the initiate, or the devotee. Only They give, selflessly, this grace of Naam. So, the Grace of Naam given by a True Master is the highest in this entire Creation.

Kabir Sahib says, “I cannot write enough of the greatness of the Master. If I make ink of all the seven oceans, and I use all the material in this world to make paper, and I use all the trees and plants and make a pen from that, and I keep writing about the Grace of the Master, still I will not find enough material to write it.”

It is only the True Master that takes the responsibility of the salvation of the soul. And He takes the responsibility of the soul to take it back to its True Home and place it on the lap of God Almighty. And, once He holds the soul, He doesn't leave the soul till He has fulfilled His responsibility of taking it back into the lap of God Almighty. Even if the devotee, after taking initiation, doesn't follow the instructions and doesn't follow the Master, or leaves the Master, even then, the Master does not leave that devotee.

Such occasions do happen where the devotees turn away from their Master.

One such incident happened with Guru Nanak Sahib. One of His devotees had never remembered his Master, had not done any Simran and had no memory of his Master. And, at the time of his death, then the angels of death came and took him and put him in hell. They put him in Kumbhi Narak. So, this devotee had no attention on his Master and Nanak Sahib also did not have His attention on this devotee. So, inadvertently, the angels of death came and took him and put him in this Kumbhi Narak, which is one of the forms of hell.

Meanwhile, Narad Muni was passing by and he wondered how this soul of a True Master had been put in hell. So, he wondered, and Narad Muni then went internally to Guru Nanak Sahib and informed him, “One of your initiates is lying in hell.”

So, Guru Nanak Sahib went inside and He went to take this disciple out of hell because this has happened by inadvertence, His attention was not there on this disciple, because the disciple also had no attention whatsoever on his Master. So, he went to the door of hell to fetch this disciple.

There the Lord of Judgment met Him and asked Him why He had come to the door of hell.

Nanak Sahib told him, “One of my disciples is there. You have one of my disciples and I've come to fetch him.” So, He went inside and He dipped His toe in hell. And, when He dipped His toe in hell, this disciple started remembering his Simran and he started reciting the Simran. Now, listening to him, all the other souls in hell also started reciting the Simran. And, one by one, everyone got free. And all the souls in hell got free.

The Lord of Judgment, after that, decided that he would not take any initiate of any Saint whatsoever; no matter how much he has done bad deeds. They would not accept any such soul in hell. Because, once a Master makes a disciple, then his entire account of deeds lies with the Master. His account no longer lies with the Lord of Judgment. And then, even the punishment that is to be given to the disciple from his account, is decided by the Master.

So, even if a disciple has forgotten and he starts doing bad deeds, even then, the Master does not leave this disciple. To cleanse him, he may put him through difficulty, give him some hardship, but then, finally, he cleanses this disciple and brings him back on the Path. So, He does not leave the disciple, even if the devotee has forgotten his Master.

Therefore, the Grace of the Master is the highest form of grace in this universe, because that is the grace, which gets us salvation, gets us out of this cycle of life and death. So, the Teachings of the Master should be followed by the disciples. And, when they follow that, then it becomes easier for the Master to shower His Grace on the disciple also.

So, the atmosphere is quiet and it is good for meditation. We should close our eyes and sit for meditation.