Meditation Talk 06 August 2015 – Afternoon

Listening To The Satsangs With Rapt Attention And Respect

LIKE I TOLD YOU of the importance of Simran, Bhajan, and Satsang in the morning, Satsang is of great importance and Saints have emphasized the importance of Satsang. So, while you are listening to the Satsang, you should contemplate on the Form of the Master. With that, you'll get a lot of benefit. When we listen to Satsang in our houses, we should do it when we have no other work that we are doing. When we listen to the Satsang, we should listen to it with complete concentration. We should listen and feel that it is the Master Who is talking and saying this directly to us. And we should contemplate His Form while we are listening to the Satsang. So, listening to the Satsang, each statement that the Master makes in a Satsang is of great value and it has great treasures. And, when we listen to the Satsang, a lot of our deeds and karmas are also redeemed. We should not listen to the Satsang when there is a lot of commotion in the house, lots of other things are happening. Or we are also doing some other work and, side-by-side, we have put a tape or the CD on and we’re just listening on the side. We shouldn’t listen to Satsang like this. Because, when we listen like this, the importance of Satsang and the respect for Satsang is reduced, and we just listen for the sake of listening. And we carry this habit, even when we meet the Masters and we attend Their Satsang also, we are not able to listen to it with rapt attention and importance. Because when, even in the presence of the Master, we listen to Satsang like that, then we are not able to concentrate well on it. We have to listen to a Satsang by paying importance to each and every statement that the Master is making.

Once, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj told Bibi Lajo to bring the cloth for the turban. So, when He opened this cloth to tie His turban, it was torn at one place. He told Bibi, “Throw this away, it is torn. Bring me a different one.”

So, she fetched another turban and she kept the earlier one by her hand, she kept it with her.
Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj pointed to it and said, “Why have you kept it? Throw that one.”
She told Him, “No. I will treasure this. I will keep it in my trunk. This belongs to a Saint.”
So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj Ji acknowledged what she said. And He said, “Yes, you have done the right thing. Even when I had gone to Agra, Radha Bai had given me Parshad and a shawl. And I had eaten the Parshad immediately, but I have treasured that shawl. And, whenever I sit for initiation, I take that shawl and sit in meditation for a while.”

So, He told her, “Yes, you must treasure such possessions that Saints have touched.”
With similar love and attention, we should listen to each and every statement made by the Masters in Their Satsang. And by listening, as such, we redeem a lot of our karmas also.

So, the time is good and the ambiance is good and congenial. We should sit for our meditation and Simran.