Meditation Talk - 06 August 2015 - Morning

It Is Only With Satsangs That We Get The Mind To Know What To Do

WHEN OUR SOUL was in Sach Khand-Sat Lok, it was pure and holy. The soul was in God Almighty, but she had a separate identity. All the souls that are with God Almighty are called ‘swans’ and each of these souls has a brightness of sixteen suns. So, when God handed over the store of souls to KalNiranjan, as each soul descended to the lower planes and came to Brahm, it got coveredby the causal body. When it further descended and came to SahasdalKamal, it got further covered by the astral body. When it came down further into this chaurasi, when it came into this human form, it was covered by the physical body and it sat at the Eye Center. The soul is sitting at the Eye Center and from there, its attention flows down into the body, and that's how all our sense organs are functioning. So, that way, it got imprisoned in all of these bodies and forgot about its True Self.

KalNiranjan sat with the soul as the Mind. And, gradually, the soul forgot about its True Home. It forgot about everything else and started associating itself with this body and mind. Under the influence of the mind, the soul started doing karmas and, to redeem the baggage of karmas, it went into the cycle of life and death of eighty-four lakh forms of species. So, the soul has identified itself as the body, and it has made this world its home. And that is why it is unhappy. That is why Mahatmas come and awaken the soul and remind it that this is not its world, this is not its body, and this is the body of Kal.

Your True Home is with God Almighty in SachKhand-SatLok and there is no suffering, there are no other bondings, there. Mahatmas remind you that you are the soul, you are not the body. You have got this body as a rental accommodation for a few years and you have to leave it after some time.

It is like a 1000-watt bulb. If we look at a 1000-watt bulb, it has a lot of brightness. Now, if we cover that with a sheet, then that brightness is reduced. When we put another covering on top of that, it is reduced further. And when we put a very thick covering around it completely, then we cannot see the light. But the bulb, nevertheless, is as bright within.

So, with the Grace of the Master, when we follow the instructions of the Master and we do our Simran and Dhyan, we gradually clear our attention from the body and go back to the Eye Center, at the Third Eye. And that's when we get free from this first covering, which is the physical body.

So, once the soul goes to the Eye Center, it gets free from this physical body and enters into the astral body. When it enters the astral body, it sees its own luminescence. And then, as it progresses further within, it enters the causal body. It sheds off its astral body in Brahm. Then further, with the Grace of the Master, when it crosses Brahm and goes into ParBrahm and it dips into the Amritsar — or the Pool of Nectar— there it gets rid of its causal body also. And then, it gets the luminescence of twelve suns.

So, when it crosses the Brahm and goes into the Par Brahm, it gets rid of all its stored karmas, or deeds. That is, the Sanchitkarmas are all redeemed there, and also the Kriyamankarmas are all redeemed there. The only karmas that remain are the Pralabdhkarmas on which this body has been made. When it comes back into this physical body, that is the only karma that it has to redeem.

So, when it goes to ParBrahm, it gets rid of all of its bodies. But there is a little content left as it has to come back into the physical body and it has to pay off its Pralabdhkarmas. So, that is the only very limited covering that it has. Once it pays off its Pralabdkarmas, then all of its karmas are redeemed, and it is free after that. That is why Saints have redeemed all of Their karmas and They are free.

Saints have gone to SachKhand-SatLok, and there, They have become holy and pure and immortal. They do not have any of these coverings. They are pure and immortal.

So, the morning time is good. Our mind is quiet. We should use this time to close our eyes and sit for our meditation.