Meditation Talk - 05 Jan 2017- Afternoon

Sant ji’s Lifelong Search For God Almighty And His Master

WHEN WE LOOK at the life sketches of Masters, we see that, in their lives, They have sacrificed so much, and They have spent so much time in the remembrance of God Almighty and in doing Their meditation.

If we see the life sketch of Sant Ji, even in His life, He spent His whole life doing devotion of God Almighty. And, as and when He got different masters, who taught him different practices, he followed those. He even did the         jap of ‘Hey Ram, Hey Gobind’. He did this jap when he was in the Army also. Then, he met some masters who taught him to do Jaldhara. So, he also did this Jaldhara. He also, later, did the panch dhuni, which is sitting in the summer with fires lit around, while you are sitting. So, there are three or four fires that are lit around and, in the hot sun, one sits in the middle. And the jatharagni is the agni within. That is also lit. So, that is one of the difficult austerities one does.

Thereafter, he met Bishan Das Ji. And Bishan Das Ji gave him the initiation of two Shabds. And, thereafter, he was doing the practice of these two Shabds. He did this practice of these two Shabds for quite a long time, and then, during this period, he also met Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj.

So, he also did seva in the ashram there at Beas. And, when he asked for initiation to Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, he was told by Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj that he would get his Master who would come to him and give him initiation.

He also went to Mastana Ji when Sawan Singh ji Maharaj left His body. He came to know about Mastana Ji, and he also visited Mastana Ji. So, when he asked Mastana Ji also, and he met Mastana Ji, he felt that He would be his Master, but then, Mastana Ji also told him, “Someone else will be initiating you.”

A few years later, Kirpal Singh Ji sent a message to him that He would come. And Sant Ji was staying in the desert in Rajasthan. Kirpal Singh Ji came there by Jeep. He, Himself, came all that distance and gave His initiation there.

So, when he got initiated by Kirpal Singh Ji, and he got the Teachings from Kirpal Singh Ji, that is when he got peace of mind. Thereafter, he also did devotion underground for five years.

Sant Ji spent His whole life like that, in austerities and in the search of God Almighty. And He has initiated us. He has brought us on this Path and He has sowed this tree of devotion in us.

So, it is very important for us to also grow that tree. Because, if we don't do that, we don't nurture that devotion, and we don't keep doing our Bhajan Simran regularly, then that devotion also becomes weak and the mind gains prowess. It becomes stronger and gets the better of us.

You are indeed fortunate to get initiation from such a great Master. So, it is important for you to follow that Path and do your Bhajan Simran.

So, the atmosphere is good. We should make the most of it. We should close our eyes and do our Bhajan Simran.