Meditation Talk - 05 Jan 2017- Morning

Every Day, From 3:00 To 6:00 AM, I Take A Basket Of Grace On My Head — But, There Are No Takers

ONCE, FOR THE DARSHAN of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, four satsangies came. They were very well off. They were M.P.’s, M.L.A.’s, and wealthy people. But, they were satsangies. So, they came to meet Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj.

They were sitting there, taking His Darshan, and Bibi Lajo prepared tea and gave them tea. And, after the Darshan, they were preparing to leave. So, while they were leaving, they said, “Please, shower Grace on us.”

After they said that, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj looked at them, and, He started laughing. And, then, He kept laughing. And He kept laughing for quite some time.

It came to a point where Bibi Lajo requested Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, and said, “They have asked You for Grace and You are laughing for such a long time.”

So, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj told her, “Every day, from 3:00 to 6:00 AM, I take a basket of Grace on my head and I take it to everybody to shower Grace on them. But, then, I find that there is nobody, there are no takers for that Grace. So, most of them are asleep. There are others who are doing some other things. There are very few who are partially awake and doing some meditation, then I shower a little bit of Grace on them. And then, I carry that Grace back here. And then, these people are asking me for Grace. So, Grace is not given like that. Grace is something that you work, and then you get Grace. You don't ask for Grace like that.”

You may sit in any corner of the world and sit for your meditation. Your Master is always within you, and He will always shower Grace on you. Outwardly, we may keep repeating and we may keep asking for Grace from the Masters, but we are unable to get that Grace, or assimilate that Grace.
It is only with the Bhajan Simran that we are able to assimilate the Grace that the Masters are showering on us.

So, we do our meditation, our Bhajan Simran, for the salvation of our own soul. But, that pleases the Master, and then, He showers Grace, for free, on us. Once the Master initiates us, then He is always waiting at the Tenth Door. He is always waiting for us to clear our nine doors and come to the Tenth Door.

When we have taken initiation, we have taken the responsibility. Our responsibilities have actually increased. We have now one responsibility of sitting for two to two and a half hours every day, sitting for our Bhajan Simran meditation. And, with that, the responsibility is for us to clear our nine doors and go to the Tenth Door.

Once we reach there, we see that the Master is waiting there. He is sitting there, waiting for us, and He is sitting to Grace us there. And, once we reach there, He comes with all the Grace that He has, and He showers us with a lot of Grace, with all of that Grace.

So, therefore, we should do our Bhajan Simran. And, every day, we should endeavor to increase our Bhajan Simran, the time that we sit for our Bhajan Simran. And we should never forget the purpose for which we have been given this human life, to get salvation.

So, the atmosphere is quiet and good. We should use this time, close our eyes, and get connected to Bhajan Simran.