Meditation Talk - 05 Jan 2016 - Afternoon

From Time To Time, God Almighty Sends Saints To This World

IT IS SAID THAT, from time to time, God Almighty sends Saints to this world. So, like mahatmas come from the side of Kal, even Dayal sends Saints. Mahatmas, who come from the side of Kal, they show mystic powers, riddhis-siddhis, to entice people to follow them. The Saints, Who come from the side of Dayal, They live in the Will of God and are very quiet and composed Saints. They come and They do not show Their mystic powers. Through Satsangs They bring about transformations in people. Those souls who come to these Masters are transformed through Satsang, and then, are given initiation and taken back to God Almighty.

Kabir Sahib came into this world about six hundred fifty years back, in Kashi. That is Varanasi. And, during that period, there were a lot of rituals and outwardly practices that people were following. So, people in those days were worshiping trees, deities and idols, and believing in pilgrimages etc. They were doing all sorts of fasts and such other outward means. So, when Kabir Sahib came, He got the people to understand Sant Mat and the Reality and the Truth of Spirituality.

The ruling king in those days was Sikandar Lodi. He was misled by his religious advisor, a kazi, into believing that Kabir Sahib was blasphemous and was misleading people.

So, orders to execute Kabir Sahib were given, and His hands and legs were tied, and He was thrown in the river. All these attempted executions were futile because Kabir Sahib always appeared to be sitting next to King Lodi. So, all this did not work against Kabir Sahib.

He was also tied up in a compound and an intoxicated elephant was left inside the compound to kill Him. Even this measure did not work, so they tied Him up and put Him in a big cauldron with boiling water, and they put the lid on top. But, despite this, nothing happened to Kabir Sahib.

So, Sikandar Lodi, after making all of these attempts, got scared. He felt that Kabir Sahib was not an ordinary person. So, Lodi bowed down to Kabir Sahib after trying all of this.

Kabir Sahib came by his side and, laughingly, said, “It is not your fault. This has been done by God Almighty.”

Sikandar Lodi pleaded forgiveness, and he said, “I was not aware. I was misled and I'm sorry for doing all of this against You.”

So, when he pleaded and he begged for forgiveness, Kabir Sahib told him that, “Look, all this is done by God Almighty Himself. So, you need not feel bad or ashamed about it. You lift up your head and you need not ask for forgiveness.”

So, Sikandar Lodi later became an initiate of Kabir Sahib. And later, Bir Singh, who was the king of Varanasi, also got initiated by Kabir Sahib. And the Teachings of Kabir Sahib were more spread across the north of India.

So, Kabir Sahib lived a very long life. He lived for one hundred and twenty years carrying out His preachings. At the time of His death, He said that He wanted to go to a place called Maghar. Maghar is in another state in India, in Bihar.

It is written in the Hindu scriptures that if someone passes away in Varanasi, then he goes to the heavens. And if someone passes away in Maghar, then he goes to hell.

So, Kabir Sahib purposely went to Maghar and, about six months prior to His leaving His sharir, He stayed in Maghar and He did His practice in Maghar. So, He wanted to make everyone aware that it is not the place where you die that is going to take you to hell or heaven. It is your devotion, your practice, your faith, and what you do during your lifetime, which determines this.

So, when Kabir Sahib passed away, the question arose as to how they would do the final rites.

Bir Singh was a Hindu, and he stood up with his people and followers and wanted to take the body of Kabir Sahib back to Varanasi.

Lodi and his people were Muslims, and they wanted to carry out the final rites as per the Muslim tradition.

So, Kabir Sahib felt, “These people, whom I've taught for such a long time, they should not fight like this over my body, or fight again over some rituals.” So, Kabir Sahib’s body was lying down there, and people had put flowers on His body. In the process, His body vanished, and only flowers were left.

So then, finally, these two warring factions took only the flowers. Half of the flowers were taken by Lodi, and they carried out all their final rites on those flowers, and they built a tomb out of that. And the Hindus took the other half of the flowers and brought them to Varanasi. And there, they burned them on a funeral pyre.

So, it wouldn’t be out of place to say that Kabir Sahib was amongst the first Saints of this yuga. And, after that, there have been several Saints Who have come.

So, Saints have always said that God Almighty is residing within the body, and His full Kingdom is also within the body. So, we should do our practice and go within, and see Him inside us.

So, this time is good. It's a quiet atmosphere. We should sit quietly, and close our eyes, and do our meditation.