Meditation Talk 05 August 2017– Afternoon

Whatever Ripens Slowly Is Sweet

ALL SAINTS HAVE TOLD US that this body, this human body that is given to us, is a living temple. In this temple, the atman is there, the soul, the Sound Current, and God Almighty, all are contained within this temple. The path of going and meeting God Almighty is also within this temple. And it is explained during initiation as to how that path is.

A lot of holy Scriptures and religious books give recognition to the fact that God Almighty is within the human body. However, the path to go and meet God Almighty is not known and there is not much written there.

But, Saints often say this in Their Satsang and They tell us about this Path — that by doing Simran and doing Bhajan we leave the nine doors and go to the Tenth Door. And, thereafter, the Path opens up for going back to God Almighty. This Tenth Door is often referred to as the Third Eye or the Shiv Netra, or the Door of Knowledge, and in various other manners. So that is the Third Eye which is referred.

When we go there, we get this power of discerning completely. The soul is also residing there at the Third Eye. The soul is in the form of Light and Sound, but we can go there and we can, through our attention, see for ourselves our soul. When we go there and see our soul, we realize that we are not this body. We are the power of this body. Once we see our soul there — we realize this and we get the power of discerning — this duality ends there. Then we come to know about the soul. We see the soul for ourselves. But the true realization happens after we cross Par Brahm.

At the Par Brahm, when we take a holy dip in the Mansarovar, the soul becomes pure and it gets rid of all its coverings and it has the bright luminance of twelve suns. So, in Sant Mat, that is the true realization of the soul at the Par Brahm.

However, in the Scriptures and most other holy books and writings refer to the awakening and seeing of our own soul and the knowledge that we get there as the realization. But, to reach the Tenth Door, we have to constantly practice. We have to make efforts to go there. And each one of us has to make that effort. We cannot simply ask for mercy and try to reach there.

All Saints have made a lot of effort in opening that Tenth Door and going there. So, we also have to make our efforts to reach there.

At the time of Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj, some Vedantis came to Him. They were having a debate and the practice of Naam was also new in those days. So, these Vedantis came to Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj. They had some debate and They had wanted some clarification and asked Him to clarify.

So, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj then, according to Sant Mat, explained the matter, and with that, the debate was resolved and whatever doubts they had were resolved. One of the Vedantis there insisted for being given initiation right away, but Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj told him that he should listen to Satsangs and understand more on the Path and then take initiation.

However, that Vedanti insisted that he be given initiation there itself. So, he was adamant and he insisted on initiation.

Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj gave him initiation thereafter. And then, the Vedanti went and did his practice also for about two, two and a half months, and he used to sit for quite some time also for meditation. But, so soon for getting progress is difficult. And in a matter of about two months to two and a half months, he lost faith in his Path and he felt that it is better to do pranayamas rather than doing this Sahaj Yoga. So, he did pranayamas for another five, six months. But even in the pranayamas, he was not successful in going within. So, finally, he got frustrated and he came back to Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj. And he said, "Look, You told me during initiation that all these things would happen, it would go like this and we would see all these things within, but nothing of that has happened. My soul is not going within. So, You shower Your Grace. You do something and show me within.”

So, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj told him, "It doesn't happen like this. You have to do your Simran. You have to purify your mind. And once your mind is pure, you will start getting those experiences. So, you do your meditation.”

He was very egoistic. So, he left from there. And he felt that there were other people around him when he was having this conversation, so perhaps Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj didn't want to give him these experiences in their presence. So, he went away from there.

Now, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj used to go to collect His pension money once a month. So there, on the way where Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj used to go, the Vedanti waited on that particular day. And when Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj was coming, he came and met Him. And he said, "You please give me some experience within. You show me something within, please."

So, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj told him, "This is not the way you should do it. It is not correct to do it like this and you should do your normal meditation and get your experiences in the normal way."

But, he was very adamant and he did not listen and he kept insisting.

So, finally, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj felt, "Okay.” He told him, “Go sit below the tree.”

Then Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj gave him some attention and his soul immediately went up and then he could hear thunder and he could see a lot of light within and he got a lot of those experiences within. But because of the soul coming up so fast, which is not the normal way of the soul to progress within, he had to suffer a lot. It is like a death experience where the soul comes out of the body, so he could not bear that pain and he started trembling. So, he started again requesting Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj to bring his soul down because he could not stand the Luminance inside. He could not stand the Sound inside and the pain that he was going through. So, he asked and prayed to Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj to bring his soul back.

So, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj brought his soul back into the body and he was trembling a lot. And then Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj said, "Now, your life has been reduced as a result of this experience and you only have now so many remaining days left."

Masters say, "Whatever ripens slowly is sweet." So, the soul, when it goes within as we practice daily, starts getting the power to withstand and the power to go within and sustain those experiences that the soul then experiences. So, because you go gradually, the pain is not there. You learn to sustain that by continuous sitting you learn to sustain that and, as a result, when you get those experiences, you do not suffer.

So, we should spend more and more time doing our meditation. And we should also do Simran as much as possible. By doing Simran, our karmas keep getting reduced. So, we should continuously do Simran and sit for meditation.

So, the atmosphere is good. We should make the most of it. We should close our eyes and sit for meditation.