Meditation Talk - 05 August 2017- Morning

Pralabdh karmas Cannot Be Changed, Cannot Be Postponed, Cannot Be Procrastinated

KAL, IN THIS CREATION, has kept karmas as the main essence. And, as per the karmas, and as per the deeds that one does, the soul has to come, accordingly, and redeem those deeds.

Deeds are of three types. The deeds that have been given to us, whatever we are doing during this lifetime, those deeds are called Kriyaman. Of the deeds that we have done after this human life, some of these deeds are stored in the Brahm. These are called Sanchit karmas. Because if there are no deeds of a person, if there are no deeds and he has redeemed all his deeds, then they* do not want the soul to go out of the compound, so they store these deeds. And in such eventualities, they give those Sanchit deeds to that person. And the third is the Prahlabdh karmas. The Pralabdhkarmas, or the fate deeds, are the deeds given to us at the time for forming our lifespan. These are from the past Kriyaman deeds that we have done. Almost seventy-five percent of these would be from the Kriyaman deeds that we have done earlier, and about twenty-five percent would be from the Sanchit deeds that are stockpiled in the Brahm.

*Dharam Raj and Chitragupta are the agents of Kal who are responsible for the storage and distribution of the karmas to each soul.

So, on the basis of those Pralabhd karmas, this body is given to us. And it is these Pralabdh karmas, or our fate deeds, that determine our life and the body. So, accordingly, we get our intellect, we get our thought processes, all the gains that we have in this life or the losses that we have, the joy that we have, the sorrow that we have, and the appreciation or the criticism that we get, all of that emanates from the Pralabhd karmas that have been set out for us. Everyone has to redeem these Pralabdh karmas. Whether it is an ordinary person or a Mahatma or even an incarnation of a god or a lord. Everyone has to enjoy or suffer the Pralabdh karmas and redeem those in this life.

So, the Masters say, "Whatever is written in your fate, whatever Pralabdh you have, it cannot be changed, it cannot be postponed or procrastinated, it is definitely going to occur at that particular time. And one cannot escape that."

Even as we see in the Ramayana, Lord Rama was the son of King Dasharath. King Dasharath decided to hand over the throne, pass the throne, to Lord Rama and he summoned Vashisht. Vashisht was a very world-renowned muni and he had the knowledge up to Brahm. He was also the human son of Brahma himself. So, he was a very sound muni and he had complete knowledge of everything. And he determined the time; he set out the time of 11:20 on the following day, as the best time for handing over the crown to Lord Rama by Dasharath. But then, as fate would have it, that was the very time that, according to the fate of Rama, he had to go into the forest. He could not get the throne and instead he had to go into the jungle and stay.

It was in Rama’s fortune that he had an exile of fourteen years. And so nothing could change that. Even that time set out by such a great muni could not change that. Therefore, even Saints do not disturb the Pralabdh karmas of the disciples because if They set aside some of these Pralabdh karmas, then the person may have to come and take birth again to redeem those. They, of course, shower Their Grace and They reduce the extent of that karma, the burden of that karma.

Therefore, Mahatmas say, "Whatever is ordained and whatever fate has set out for us, that is going to happen. And we have to, accordingly, redeem those deeds which have been given to us."

So, therefore, we should not be too worried and take tension from all of this and we should go about our life the way it is set out for us. We should spend more and more time doing our meditation and Simran. So, there is no point worrying about it and carrying anxiety about it and thinking about our problems or about all these issues. Mahatmas have said, "Even if you think one hundred thousand times of what could be possible, what is going to happen is definitely going to happen. So, you cannot change that by carrying anxiety about it or carrying tension about it."

Therefore, instead of carrying that anxiety all the time in our mind, and carrying all those thoughts in our mind, it is better that we use that time for doing Simran. Because by doing Simran you develop that strength to withstand all those kinds of karmas and whatever is there fated for you. You are in a much better position to withstand all of that.

So the atmosphere is very good and we should make the most of it. We should close our eyes and sit for meditation.