Meditation Talk 05 August 2016 – Afternoon

God Stores The Treasure Of Knowledge Equally In Everybody

GOD STORES THE TREASURE of knowledge equally in everybody. But we cannot get the benefit of that knowledge till some teacher opens it for us. So, when we go to the teachers, they gradually open up and unfold the knowledge that is there within us. And, level-by-level, it is opened up for us. Ultimately, the person becomes an engineer or a doctor, like his teacher. So, then they get the knowledge and they live peacefully in their lives. With the help of this knowledge, they carry on with their professions and have a good house and they are comfortable.

And then there are the others who, though they have this same treasure of knowledge within them, have not gone to the teachers, they have not learned. They have not unfolded and opened up that treasure of knowledge. And that is why the knowledge, which was latent within them remains latent within them. So, such people do not get the help of that knowledge and they live difficult lives. They work as laborers and they find it difficult to meet all their ends. And they live in more difficulty.

In the same manner, the treasure of Spirituality is also equally given to everybody. But, if we do not meet a Perfect Master who will open that treasure for us, that treasure is closed to us and it remains latent only. So, the person who comes and is not able to use that treasure of Spirituality, he just goes back as he came, with nothing gained further from there.

Whereas, those people who have gone to a Master and have followed the Teachings of the Master, and they have worked hard to open up and unfold that Spirituality within them, they have benefited from this. And they have gone within.

In Sant Mat, it is not necessary for someone to be educated or illiterate, it is only important to follow the Teachings of the Master. So, we should simply follow the instructions of the Master. And the treasure of Spirituality that is kept within us will open up with that.

With a lot of good deeds of several millions of lives we have got this human form and, with the Grace of God Almighty, we have got the company of a True Master. It is also, therefore, incumbent upon us to follow the Teachings of the Masters, which They have given from their Satsangs. So, the Satsangs that we have heard, and the Teachings that They have given, we should follow all of that. If we work hard, we will definitely get the Grace of the Master and we will be successful.

So the time is good. It is quiet outside. We should close our eyes and sit for meditation.