Meditation Talk 05 August 2015 – Afternoon

When The Soul Remembers The Almighty, The Almighty Comes In The Form Of The Master

WHY HAS THE UNIVERSE been created by God Almighty? There was a time when all the atmas were in the lap of the Almighty and there were no planes, and everything was in the Almighty. There were no Astral, Causal, or other planes.

Now, these souls were all with the Almighty and the Almighty felt that the respect for the God Almighty from the souls was diminishing. So, therefore, He thought of this creation, and Niranjan and Maya were His creations.

Initially, the planes were created only down to Par Brahm. And Niranjan wanted to have His own creation. So, thereafter, He did His penance, and with the consent of God Almighty, He created the three planes below that. 8.4 million life forms were created by Niranjan and Maya, and everyone, all the souls that were sent by God Almighty, were then cast into these life forms. So, the souls got embodied in all of these life forms, and then Niranjan sat within them as the mind. And Maya also was there, and she brought in the effectsof lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego. These traits entangled the soul and the soul got lost in the duality created by Niranjan and Maya. So, when the souls felt sad and were suffering in this entanglement, they remembered the Almighty.

Earlier, God Almighty had promised each soul that if you feel like coming back and you will remember Me, then I will come in the form of the Masters, and I will liberate you. So, the soul has got so entangled that it has completely forgotten its origin. It has completely forgotten all of that.

Only when we get in touch with the Masters and we do the devotion, do we start understanding what the Truth is and the Reality is.

So, there have been so many preachers, there have been so many religions, and there have been so many discourses and teachings about various aspects and perceptions of God Almighty. There are people who say that Brahma and Maya are great, or the 330 million deities are there. So, there are different practices that have evolved to meet the Almighty. But, eventually, all of this and every soul are beings from the Almighty. All souls, who have descended, are all the same and all one, and all are the children of the Almighty.

Sant Mat never criticizes other religions because, eventually, everything and everyone belongs to the Almighty. And the Masters are sent by the Almighty. And it is Sat Purush Who actually incarnates and comes down. So, there is no discrimination as such, and there is no criticism against the other religions and paths.

This is a one-time experience. And once we go to the Masters and we go back to the Almighty, it is over. It is done. Once we go back with the Masters to the Almighty, and since Sach Khand is an immortal land and God Almighty is immortal, no one has to come back once the soul goes there.

So, even if there is a doubt that after we do all of this, we go there, then do we have to perhaps come back like this? He says this is not required. It is only once. So, all this creation has been made once. Once the souls go back to the Almighty, then each one is very well established in the Almighty and there’s no need, and this will not happen again, or this kind of creation will not take place again.

We should, therefore, have faith and devotion in the Master. And we should prepare to go back to the Almighty. This world is full of sorrow, and nobody has got perennial bliss or pleasure in this place. So, we should prepare to go back.

So, the time is very good. It is afternoon time and the ambiance is quiet and we should sit for our meditation and engage in our Simran and Bhajan.