Meditation Talk - 05 August 2015 - Morning

Creating The Correct Ambiance For Our Meditation

IN THE SAME WAY, when we go home also, before sitting for meditation, we should sing a bani or a bhajan of a Saint with which we get love and affection. And that helps us to do meditation. The Masters have written these bhajans about Their respective Masters. And there is a lot of attraction within these bhajans. So, when we sing and say these bhajans, we automatically get emotionally attracted within, and that helps in our meditation.

Many times, when we get up, there are various thoughts and tensions in the mind and we are quite dry within, and we do not get connected with Simran. So, when we sing these bhajans, that creates the correct ambiance within to do the meditation. Even when we go to sleep in the night, before we sleep, we should sit for about half an hour and do our Simran with love and affection. That cleanses the mind because, oftentimes, the whole day we have been involved in various activities, and the mind is quite involved in all of this.

So, when we sleep, these attachments that we have in the day also come back in the form of dreams. We keep thinking about that later also. So, before we sleep, we should sit for Simran for some time. These dreams often affect us, what we have been thinking during the day, and that keeps coming again and again, and keeps affecting us. When we do this meditation, that helps us, and it cleans and purifies the mind and these dreams stop affecting us.

Even during the day, when we are not very occupied, we should do our Simran as much as possible. For example, while cooking we should do our Simran, or while walking. If we are walking, we should do our Simran. So, whenever we are not very occupied, and the mind is not very occupied, we should try and do as much Simran as possible. This Simran, which we do in the day, helps us a lot when we sit for Bhajan because, when we go about our worldly duties, we often times carry all these thoughts with us, and we are very much involved in these thoughts. So, when we sit, for half an hour or one-hour meditation, then these thoughts come back and disturb us.

Therefore, when we try to remember and do our Simran during the day, then when we sit for meditation also, it will help us. And our mind will become pure and it will help in our meditation and we will definitely see a transformation. The Masters have done Their Simran and Dhyan and there is a lot of power in the Naam that has been given to us. So, when we repeat the Naam, that charging works and helps in purifying our mind and helps in our meditation.

The practice may find mention in some books also, but by just reading it and repeating that way, it's not going to help as much as Naam, or initiation, given by the Masters, because there is a lot charging, and there is a lot of power in the Simran that the Masters give. So, we should do our Simran with a lot of love and affection. We should not look at it as a burden.

Sant Ji used to often say this. He used to say you leave a hundred things and duties and go for Satsang, and leave a thousand duties and other work, but sit for meditation. So, this Simran and meditation are required for the liberation of the soul. And that is the very purpose of this life. So, we have to use this time and do the Simran. Otherwise, we waste our lives.

So, this morning time is a good time, where the mind is fresh, and we have woken up from our sleep. A quiet mind is good for meditation. We should use and make the most of this time and sit for our meditation.