Meditation Talk - 04 Jan 2017- Afternoon

When We Follow The Masters Instructions, They Are Better Able To Help Us

I PRAY TO THE FEET of my Masters, Som Ajaib, Who have made this poor soul fit for doing the Seva. I got the opportunity of doing seva at the feet of Baba Somanath Ji for only three years. And I got a longer duration of eleven years to do seva at the feet of Sant Ajaib Singh Ji.

Baba Somanath Ji showered a lot of Grace on me and He molded my soul. In the short span of three years, He gave me seva at the ashram and He made me do Simran. He showered His Grace on improving my Simran. And, in about one and a half years, of the experiences I got, I could not have gotten over a very long duration also. So, it was His Grace. He made me do seva and He gave me the duty to do seva in such a situation that was quite difficult. So, it is always the Grace of the Masters, Who get seva done by the disciples, and then, let them get the praise for doing that seva also.

Then, when Sant Ji came, I used to do the seva. He gave me seva of taking people from Andhra and       Karnataka. About one hundred, one hundred ten people at a time used to come with me to the program. So, when Sant Ji would initiate them, I would be in that session, and I would help in translating to these people, who would come from Andhra and Karnataka. And Sant Ji showered His Grace and many people got initiated like that.

Even today, there are a lot of disciples in Andhra, whom Sant Ji has initiated, though they have not had the opportunity of spending much time with Sant Ji. But, there are a large number of disciples there.

Around November of 1985, when I went there, He asked me to do the seva here in Andhra, and all that is happening here is with His Grace. So, He even showered Grace by helping me monetarily. When the           sevadars would give seva to Sant Ji, He would collect that, and then, on the last day, He would put it in a bag and give it to me and tell me that I should go back and spend it on the ashram and seva here. So, it is only with His Grace that the Guddella Ashram has been built and whatever it has become today. And, therefore, I have also named it Som-Ajaib Kripa Ashram.

Saints are very gracious and They shower a lot of Grace on the souls. We cannot fathom the amount of Grace that They shower on us. But, we should follow Their Teachings and we should follow Their instructions. On a small instruction to me — that I should go to Andhra — I went to Andhra. I followed that instruction.

So, we should make it a point to follow what our Masters instruct us to do. When we follow Their instructions and follow the Path that They have told us to do, then we get Their Grace, and They are also better able to help us.

Even today, when I initiate, it is these two great Masters Who are taking the responsibility and helping the souls. Even today. Because this is being done with Their instructions and They are taking the responsibility.

So, therefore, when They have initiated us, we should follow Their instructions that They've given us to be able to do as They have directed us to do. And we should do meditation every day like we have been told during the time of initiation. We should not listen to our mind. Our mind is the agent of Kal, and the pursuit of Kal is always to make sure that the soul stays away from this Path.

We should listen to Satsang every day. When we listen to Satsang, we should follow the Teachings, the explanations, which are given in the Satsang. And, that way, we will get the benefit every day.

So, the time is good and the atmosphere is quiet. We should make the most of this, and we should sit and close our eyes and sit for meditation.