Meditation Talk - 04 Jan 2016- Afternoon

The Story Of Vindhyachal Mountain And Agastya Rishi

IN KALI YUGA, THERE ARE VARIOUS PRACTICES, various spiritual practices, like pranayama, Ashtanga Yoga, japas, tapas, pilgrimages, fasting and other means.

As for Sant Mat, whatever one does, whatever practice one does or whatever one develops an affection for, after death, he takes that form and goes into that particular life or that particular form. So, if we treat a tree as a deity and we worship the trees then, after death, we will take the form of a tree and stand as a tree. Likewise, if we take to deity worship of stones, or rocks, or other deities or idols, then we will also have to take that form; because, even in stone, there is life. There are these small hills or small mountains, which are formed and there are small rocks, which grow. And these also grow into very big mountains or very big hills. So, there is even life in stones.

As per Indian history and mythology, there is this mountain range, which in India is in the north, the Vindhyachal Mountain Range. And Vindhyachal was actually a mystic. He was a yogi and he got cursed by some other Saint or some other yogi. So, as a mountain, he grew so big that he came in the path of the sun. He blocked the sun and the sun did not cross over.

So, everyone went to the gods and asked for help. And even the gods could not do anything. They went to Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, and they asked for their help. So, all the gods, goddesses, and Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh met together and thought on what could be done to stop this.

And what transpired there was that they chose to take the help of Agastya Rishi. Agastya Rishi was the only one whom Vindhyachal would listen to. And, therefore, they thought of taking the help of Agastya Rishi.

So, they all came and bowed to Agastya Rishi. And then, they all requested Agastya Rishi to help them.

Agastya Rishi agreed to oblige them. Agastya Rishi was meditating in the Himalayas and he agreed to help the gods and goddesses and listened to the request. So, he came down to Vindhyachal. When he reached Vindhyachal, the Vindhyachal Mountain bent and bowed before the rishi. Agastya Rishi then told Vindhyachal, “I have to go south, and if you are standing so tall in my way, then I will never be able to cross you and go to the other side. So, you remain bowed down like this while I cross over and go to the south and come back.”

Vindhyachal agreed and bowed down, and remained bowed down like that. Agastya Rishi then crossed over the Vindhyachal and went to the south. And after that, he did not return.

So, the Vindhyachal mountain still remains bowed down in respect. This mountain range is very famous, and people in the north go there and offer their prayers also.

So, mountains also have life. It is also a life form. And those people who do deity worships, or who follow idol worship, then they also have to take that form in their next birth. And that is how we see a lot of new mountain ranges also coming, new rocks forming. That is how this all happens.

Saints say that we have crossed all of this, and now have the human birth. We have become life within a single element of stone. We have gone to insects, then birds, then other animals and, that way, we have all evolved. And, finally, we have reached this pinnacle, which is the human form. And, in this human form, if we start going towards lower forms and worshiping lower forms, then that is not a correct thing to do.

So, our Path now is to go within and go above. Our soul is seated at the back of the Eye Center. So, we have to go there and then go further up from there.

This Path is shown to us by the Saints. And following the Teachings of the Saints, we have to then take the help of going within and climbing that ladder of the Shabd, or the Sound Current. And that Sound Current, or that Shabd, takes us as a ladder back to God Almighty.

So, that way, by taking that help, we go back to our True Home, which is Sach Khand, and we become the Form of God Almighty Himself there.

To reach our True Home, we have to do our meditation and our practice very regularly. Even when we go back home, we should continuously do this practice, and we should work towards going back to our True Home. So, like we give time for everything else, we have to take out time for our meditation and our practice. Time and time again, we have to do that every day when we go home.

So, the time is good. The ambiance is quiet and, in this, we should sit quietly, close our eyes, and sit for our meditation.