Meditation Talk 04 August 2017– Afternoon

God Almighty Is Within You — You Don't Have To Go Outside To Search For Him

ALL SAINTS HAVE BEEN TALKING about the true worship. What is true worship? It is the Simran and it is the Dhyan Bhajan, and it is the worship of Naam and the contemplation of the Master within, which is true worship. The Sound Current, which is emanating from God Almighty Himself, comes down through all the planes and is resonating at the Eye Center. That Sound Current, which is coming down from God Almighty Himself and coming down all these planes, is connected to the soul and resonating at the Eye Center. The soul goes on the same Sound Current, plane-by-plane, and goes back to its True Home, to God Almighty.

This Path of going back on the Sound Current has been made by God Almighty Himself ever since human beings have been created. And, therefore, the true worship of God Almighty is to do the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga.

Saints say, "God Almighty is within you. You don't have to go outside to search for Him."

Various other practices require or have God Almighty staying or residing within the forest, or they believe that God Almighty rests above the seven skies.

But, Saints say that God Almighty resides within you and the Path to go back is within. You should do your practice to go within. And this you can do while you take care of your families, children, and go about your routine livelihood. You don't have to leave your house or go anywhere outside in search or in pursuit of meeting God Almighty.

When Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj wrote a letter to Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj, (this was when he was doing duty in the military), the duty was very onerous and more than twelve hours of duty was demanded of people. And after doing all of that, when he sat for meditation in the night after coming back, he used to feel very tired. So, he wrote a letter to Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj requesting that he give his resignation from his job because of his difficulty in doing meditation and, instead, he requested that he come and do seva in the ashram and do the meditation there.

But Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj wrote back and He said, "Son, if you do this, then you will have to, perhaps, take another life, another birth, because some of the karmas that you are going to redeem are going to get redeemed in this way, the way you are going about it. Otherwise, if they remain, then you’ll have to come back to redeem those."

So, we all know that Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj did his full duty and he retired from the military service. Whereas, five years before that, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj had already made him His heir and had asked for him to continue. But, despite that, he continued and completed his service and duty.

So, in those five years also, he used to go to the ashram on a monthly basis and he would initiate souls also, but he continued to perform his duty. And, only after his retirement, he left it.

Therefore, the Masters say, "You have to perform your duties. You have to carry out your livelihood and perform your duties in your respective homes. And while you're doing that you should do your prayers. You should offer your worship to God Almighty and you should go within."

It is the principle of Sant Mat that you should use your own hands and earn your own money and you should not ask for others to give you alms or give you help. You should earn for yourself. And then, with that money, it should be enough to fulfill yourself and your family and dear ones, and also offer it, if required, any help that you might have to offer to others. And then, while doing this, you have to do your duty of worshiping the Master and God Almighty. We should do our worship regularly. We should do our practice regularly. And, as we do our Dhyan Bhajan, we should try to progressively increase the time that we are sitting for our meditation. And we should also, continuously, work towards having faith in our Masters. And with a firm resolve and a firm faith in the Master, and progressively increasing the time that we give for meditation, we will definitely be successful on the Path.

So, when we sit regularly like that and we pray to our Master, the Master is not far away. He is sitting within you and He is seeing you and He will definitely shower His Grace on you.

If there is a ‘closest relationship’, that relationship is with the soul and the Master, the disciple and his Master. And we have to only have a firm resolve and have faith and devotion at His Feet.

So, for doing that worship and praying to Him we don't have to leave our homes. We don't have to do anything or go outside in the jungles or forest or do any austerities. We have to carry on our livelihood and do our worship from our homes.

So, the time is good and we should make the most of this time. We should close our eyes and sit for meditation.