Meditation Talk - 04 August 2017- Morning

You Are Not ThisBody — This Body Is Just A Temporary Place That Has Been Given To You To Redeem Your karmas

SANT MAT IS THE PRACTICE of Surat Shabd. Earlier, for all these souls, there was no And, Pind, or Brahmand. These three worlds were not there and all the souls were within the embrace of the God Almighty and they were blissful and they very happy there. God Almighty thought on His own to make more creation and He created a power, which was the Sound Current. And this Sound Current came down from God Almighty Himself. It resonated from there and It set all these planes below. It created this And, Pind, and Brahmand.

After this creation, Niranjan did austerity for seventy chaukriyugas and he prayed for souls to be given to him who would be living in these worlds. So, God Almighty fulfilled his wish and He gave him the souls who were in the Sunn. And from there, these souls were handed over to Niranjan. But, God Almighty told Niranjan, "On your own, you will not be able to create this." So, He created one more power and that power created was Maya.

Thereafter, Maya and Niranjan came with these souls and Niranjan explained to Maya how this creation had to be made.

And, after explaining, he said, "You should not let anybody know about me." And he, thereafter, went and sat for meditation in Sweth Sunn.

After that Maya came further down and at Jhanjari Dweep she started this creation. And there, in four parts, she created these 8.4 million life forms and these souls were put into these life forms. Then, within each form, Niranjan sat as the mind and he was there in all the life forms and Maya came in the form of these five vices, which are lust, anger, attachment, ego, and greed. And thereafter, under the influence of these, the soul got attached to the mind and started doing activities and, as a result, it got entangled here in these worlds.

So, therefore, Masters, come and explain to us, "You are not this body. This body is just a rental place that has been given to you to redeem your karmas. You are not of this place. You belong elsewhere." They explain, "You are the soul and you are the daughter of God Almighty and that is your True Home. You do not belong here. And, till you go back, you will not get the bliss that you have enjoyed there."

Masters come and explain the Surat Shabd Yoga, which is the teachings of the Sound Current because the soul has to go back on this same Sound Current which has created all of these creations. And riding on these Sound Currents, it has to go back to God Almighty. This Path of going back to God Almighty is not a creation of any person. It is the Creation of God Almighty Himself. And it is as old as this Creation. This path has been kept within the human body to go back to God Almighty. And riding on these Sound Currents, the way the soul has come down into this creation, it will go back on the same Sound Currents back to God Almighty.

So, we should try and do as much meditation, Simran, and Bhajan as possible so that we can develop our devotion and go back to God Almighty more expeditiously. We are able to redeem our karmas when we are doing our meditation. And if we do not do that, then what happens is, this burden of karmas weighs upon us, and then we have to redeem it in the form of illnesses or other ailments or other sicknesses. So, we should do as much of meditation as possible.

In the morning the mind is quiet and we should make the most of this time. And a quiet mind is able to meditate better. So, we should use this time and sit for our meditation.