Meditation Talk 04 August 2016 – Afternoon

Living Masters Take The Responsibility Of The Souls They Initiate

SAINTS HAVE ALWAYS TALKED of and praised a Living Master. They have always talked about the importance of a Living Master. For those Saints, Who have left Their body, it could be fifty years ago, it could be in the past few years, or the past few months, Their initiates, who have taken initiation from those Saints Who have passed away, they will continue to get the benefit of their Master, even if He is not in the body.

However, for a new person to get initiated, he cannot go to that Master Who has left the body.

When a Living Master initiates a disciple, and even if He leaves His body the very next day or the very next moment, He has taken the responsibility of that soul. Even where this Master is in higher planes, He will always be looking after His disciple, or His initiate.

So, such initiates should not doubt their Master. The Master, even if He has left the body, He will always take care of His initiate, His disciple. It is the law of nature that we have to leave this physical body after we have used that physical body for a while. Everyone has to leave it and go. But, in the higher planes, the Masters continue to look after Their initiates.

The soul is immortal, but the body has to be left time and again. So, after They have left the body, the Masters are always connected with God Almighty and They reside in Brahm until Their disciples, until Their initiates, come up. They stay at the Brahm level. The Brahm level is the level below which this Creation has come into existence. So, They stay at that level. And, from there, They are looking after all of Their disciples.

But all the new aspirants, who want to take initiation, they will have to look out for a Living Master. So, the Masters Who have left Their body, They will take care of Their own disciples, even after They have left the body. However, for a new aspirant, for taking initiation, he has to look out for a Living Master of his time. It is like a sick person. If he wants to take medicine, he has to go to a doctor of his time and take medicine from a living doctor.

Lord Vikramaditya was a great ruler. He was a great and very just king. Now, if some lady, today, says that she wants to marry Vikramaditya it is not going to be possible. Vikramaditya is not going to come.

Dhanvantari Vaidya was, again, a very great and learned physician. And he was even capable of bringing life back into a dead person. Now, today, if someone says that he is going to take medicine only from that Dhanvantari Vaidya it is not going to be possible. So, now, they will have to go to a doctor or a surgeon of their current time, who can act upon their illness.

Likewise, we have to look for a Living Master, and the Living Master of our time will be able to initiate and help us. Because only a Living Master can initiate the soul and connect the soul to the Sound Current, and He can take the responsibility of that soul.

So, all the Banis have talked about a Living Master, to get initiation and go within. Past Masters, however great They are, we are not going to be able to take initiation or help, in that sense, from Them. So, if we want to cross a river, then the boat that is going to take us should be there. And the boatman should be there. If the boat or the boatman is not there, we will not be able to cross it.

Like I have said before, for those people who have already got an initiation earlier from the Masters before, they should have full faith in their own Masters. And their Masters are definitely looking after them. And, now, as we continue, if they come to a Living Master, they can get help from the Living Master to advance their love and devotion for their own Masters Who have initiated them.

When we go to such a Living Master, we will get motivated to do our meditation. We will get awakened by the existing Living Master. But whatever help we are getting to go within and to go to God Almighty, is going to be given by the Master Who has initiated us.

Perfect Masters never die. They are immortal. They are always there to help Their disciples. Ajaib Singh Ji also used to say that if someone says ‘my master is dead’, then you should take him to the court, because how could they take such a person for a Master Who will not be able to give them salvation? So, such Perfect Masters are always connected to God Almighty. They have taken the responsibility of the souls whom They have initiated and They will ensure that those souls go back to God Almighty.

We should, therefore, regularly do our meditation, Simran and Dhyan. By doing that, we continue to develop our devotion for our Masters, and it becomes easier for the Masters also to shower Their Grace on us.

So, this time is good. We should make use of it and we should close our eyes and get connected with Dhyan and Simran.